Tuesday Tidbits #165 Time to Chill

I’m Late!

I have no excuses for not publishing this post early on Tuesday Morning… like I usually do… but sometimes life carries on and I basically just find myself scrambling a wee bit to sit down and write. Better late then never, right?

Chicken and Dumplings!

It was a good week to enjoy some comfort food. The winds kicked up here in the desert and it was a bit cold. There was a “Chill in the Air.” I know it wasn’t as cold as back at our LakeHouse in Pennsylvania. But it was a great week to stay in to cook, read, write letters and clean and organize. In other words… I took “time to chill.”

Home Cooking

Susan Branch shared her Winter Recipes on her Blog and Chicken and Dumplings was one of them.

It was delicious! But I did use Chicken Stock instead of water. Source: Susan Branch.com

I made a yummy Banana Chocolate Chip Bread… this was low in sugar, low in butter and the added sour cream made it moist, I do believe.


I’m happy to say I started reading our new Book Club Book. The start has been pretty darn good. I’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of Book Club… I made some little gift bags for the Book gals and used the Free Printable Valentine Bookmark from Susan Branch. Chocolates and felted hearts added yumminess and whimsy.

Being Snowbirds and then the Adventurers that we are… I can use a week like we just had. We stayed put!

Spring Cleaning

See those plantation shutters… well, we have a whole house full of them. Dusting works most of the time but once in a while they need washed. So that happened this week. Along with cleaning all the ceiling fans.
The She Shed enjoyed getting a good Cleaning!
My Fun Happy Place where I can display fun treasures and my seasonal cards.

Letter Writing

Do any of you still write letters? I may not write a long letter but I do enjoy sending cards with a note inside. Especially to those that may not work on their computer any longer. A letter, a card or a post card can definitely brighten their day.

Since I take so many pictures… why not make a card out of them.
I add stickers and try hard to make my writing neat.

When I sit at the desk to write letters or cards… this is when I hope they do not take Cursive Handwriting away in grade school!

Our Signs of Spring

Like Daffodils in other areas… our Aloe Veras bloom giving us hope that spring is on its way!

And that’s not the only thing on its way!

Valentine’s Day is Next Week!

Make it Special!
Cranberry Juice frozen Hearts add a fun touch!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

From Us!

We saw the wild mistletoe and had to take advantage!