Tuesday Tidbits #62 Valentine Decor

Hello! Do you decorate for

Valentine’s Day?

I enjoy decorating our kitchen/family room area.

The table is set with just enough red to know Valentine’s Day is coming soon.

Vintage cards can be found on the family room coffee table. I wish I could say they are mine from when I was a child…

However, I can say my sister sent us the pink card on the left which is actually a covered notebook. She made it! I love it and add it to the coffee table each year. 💗

How about those hand stitched hearts? Don’t you just love them?

I made them! Can you believe it? I can’t! You see… when I was in high school I sewed all the time but some how sewing left me over the years and I even have told Sweet Man that I only sew on May 1st. 😉

But I had seen some of these stitched hearts on Instagram and I knew I wanted some for myself!

I know you want a closer look!

They bring me joy!

And even when I am washing dishes I have a great view of them.

I’m off to have a hot cup of coffee in my only Valentine Cup…

Thanks for stopping by and thank you so much for all the lovely comments you leave behind!