A Castle Ride

It’s always good to get out in the desert. It clears our minds and refreshes the soul.

We gather our friends, in the early morning hours, and off we go.

There’s always a plan …on where we go. We all love to explore.

We have had more rain then usual so the desert has been more green then usual.

Grass in the desert is always a beautiful sight. But we love our rocks as well.

This road is called Castle Creek Road for a reason! We were in awe!

The Hoodoos greeted us with their vastness.

Around every corner we saw beauty on this ride.

Some beauty was in the eye of the beholder. This stopped us in our tracks!

Isn’t she beautiful?! She’s called an Arizona Blonde! Ha, ha, what a name! Yes, it’s a tarantula. They actually are not poisonous and if you are bit… the reaction is that the skin becomes mildly irritated. Our friend helped her get out of the road.

We actually saw 3 that day… all in different places. They hardly ever come out of their burrows unless it’s mating season. So… we think they were out lookin’ !

The petroglyphs are getting more modern…

Like I said, the desert is more green but we all had to stop when we saw an entire hillside covered in moss. We could not believe it!

This just doesn’t happen in the desert…

It was so beautiful to see!

I hope you enjoyed our Castle Ride… down Castle Creek Road. It wasn’t Ireland but we had our own Arizona version of castles and even some moss!

The wild burros enjoyed it very much!

The Arizona Back Country never disappoints. It’s why we love to explore!

There’s adventure around every bend.

Thanks for the visit!

Until Next Time ~Nancy