Tuesday Tidbits #55 Standing on the Corner in Winslow Arizona!

Can you believe Christmas Eve is 2 weeks away? Wow! This year has flown by. Welcome and thanks so much for stopping by! We are thrilled to be back in our amAZing Arizona!

We had a busy year of traveling and we have talked about slowing down a bit in 2020. But we will NOT stop exploring!

A few weeks ago we set out to explore an area near

Winslow, Arizona.

Oh yes… Winslow has become a bit famous because of the Eagles song “Take It Easy” because of the verse where it says… “Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona and such a Fine Sight to See.” Well… I made sure to get my picture taken there. (Like everyone else!)

After my “photo shoot” we were on our way. We came across a beautiful area right outside of Winslow.

We hiked the area and found petroglyphs in a beautiful canyon area.

Later on it was fun to come across a…

Jack Rabbit.

They are usually hard to capture as they are quick and run off quickly! Jack Rabbits are just bigger and have long tall ears.

After exploring for a while… it was time to leave the area and head home.

We saw this sign and had to pull over.😂😃

After a day of exploring… it’s always wonderful to get back home where we can relax outside and enjoy our yard.

So are you ready for Christmas? Try not to get stressed… make time for relaxation and exploration.

Until Next Time~Nancy

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