Spring flowers just seem to scream happy to me!

Vibrant colors in the desert are always welcomed.

Flowers can be found in our back yard. Collage made on Photo Grid App on iphone.

Sweet, sweet man and I enjoy our backyard oasis very much.

Our flowers welcome butterflies, bees and my lovely hummingbirds.

HummingbirdDesertKarenBillJeanne 006
I think  you could say he is vibrant…

HummingbirdDesertKarenBillJeanne 003



I know as the weather warms and the flowers bloom even more…

I will be sharing more of our “vibrant” colors.

For more Vibrant Photography please click the link below…

The Daily Post and The Weekly Photo Challenge

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

45 thoughts on “Vibrant?

    1. Thank You So Much for stopping by. I have found out that we here in Arizona are very lucky to have Hummers ALL year long. So I have been told to feed them because they are always here. I am so glad you and I love are hummers and we love to make sure they eat well!

      1. I’m in the Pacific Northwest and we freeze here sometimes so I worry about the little guys. But I keep a warm replacement feeder just inside the house and change it out first thing each morning. Good thing because sometimes the Hummer food is a block of ice!! You’ve inspired me. Maybe I’ll post some of my photos. Thanks.

      2. You absolutely made my day! I am so glad that you stopped by for a visit. Your kind words filled my heart with joy! I am so looking forward to some photos of your sweet little hummers!

  1. OH I do love your vibrant flower pictures and those hummingbirds…precious! (They are one of my favorite birds as well). 🙂 I can’t wait to see more of your backyard oasis. 🙂

      1. WOW! What great memory you have! Yes… we sometimes are amazed of how quick this yard became our Oasis. However, believe it or not… Desert Plants grow extremely fast. Then if you add water (rain)… watch out!
        The desert is very green because of the El Nino rain we have had.

      1. I’ve basically been outside the last few days. The weather has been just blue sky, warm afternoon temperatures here in the high country, and I just want spring to happen and somehow equate with being out on the trails with assisting in the seasonal change.

        On the subject of us getting together, Perhaps a spring hike/lunch in Sedona together?

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Well I am sure your hummer will pose again. 🙂 thank you for enjoying my pictures! They make me smile!

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