Tuesday Tidbits #117 Part of History

It’s been another exciting week here in the desert!

Sweet Man received his first dose of the Vaccine. I was not in the age demographics yet… so I found out that our Vaccination “drive thrus” at our Phoenix Stadiums needed 100 volunteers a day to make them work. And if you volunteered you got the vaccine if you wished for it! So I went online and found out how to volunteer as a non clinical support person. Well… long story short… I volunteered and I got the first dose of the vaccine! I was very proud to be part of history. I also was thrilled to see so many people, one after the other, so happy to get vaccinated! I’m ready to kick this Covid in the butt!

Then Valentine’s Day came and with that surprise flowers too!

His bouquet to me… 🍃💗🍃

And of course a little romance with homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Wine… Fun in the Sun I call it!

And our Amaryllis bloomed even more!

This has been so much fun watching this bloom! 🍃🌺🍃

And you know us… an adventure in the desert happened too!

We were near an old mine and found “The Dump!” It’s where the miners from about 80-100 years ago got rid of their cans.

They are mostly tobacco tins, canned milk (for their coffee), sardines, beans, and ham. It’s fun seeing part of the Wild West’s history. We look at it but leave it there. This should never be removed as it’s part of the Wild, Wild, West history!

And whenever you can find someone to get their picture taken behind one of these gnarly trees… you make it happen!

The weather has been fabulous! So golf has been on our schedule!

Four Peaks Mountain can be seen in the background.

The Zinnias are blooming so nicely!

And of course the backyard hummingbirds are buzzing all around!

This Week’s Feature Creature!

Life is Good and we are thankful for our Blessings! Hope all is well in your neck of the Woods! We would love to hear from you!