Tuesday Tidbits #117 Part of History

It’s been another exciting week here in the desert!

Sweet Man received his first dose of the Vaccine. I was not in the age demographics yet… so I found out that our Vaccination “drive thrus” at our Phoenix Stadiums needed 100 volunteers a day to make them work. And if you volunteered you got the vaccine if you wished for it! So I went online and found out how to volunteer as a non clinical support person. Well… long story short… I volunteered and I got the first dose of the vaccine! I was very proud to be part of history. I also was thrilled to see so many people, one after the other, so happy to get vaccinated! I’m ready to kick this Covid in the butt!

Then Valentine’s Day came and with that surprise flowers too!

His bouquet to me… 🍃💗🍃

And of course a little romance with homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Wine… Fun in the Sun I call it!

And our Amaryllis bloomed even more!

This has been so much fun watching this bloom! 🍃🌺🍃

And you know us… an adventure in the desert happened too!

We were near an old mine and found “The Dump!” It’s where the miners from about 80-100 years ago got rid of their cans.

They are mostly tobacco tins, canned milk (for their coffee), sardines, beans, and ham. It’s fun seeing part of the Wild West’s history. We look at it but leave it there. This should never be removed as it’s part of the Wild, Wild, West history!

And whenever you can find someone to get their picture taken behind one of these gnarly trees… you make it happen!

The weather has been fabulous! So golf has been on our schedule!

Four Peaks Mountain can be seen in the background.

The Zinnias are blooming so nicely!

And of course the backyard hummingbirds are buzzing all around!

This Week’s Feature Creature!

Life is Good and we are thankful for our Blessings! Hope all is well in your neck of the Woods! We would love to hear from you!

55 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #117 Part of History

    1. Everyone seems to be covered in it this week.
      It’s a wee bit chilly here but that’s okay…
      The desert was looking extra beautiful to me the other day in its cooler temps.
      Glad to hear from you Mitzy… stay warm!

    1. I have to say… getting vaccinated and knowing my second dose is coming has lifted a big weight of my shoulders. And with the sun shining so beautifully here in the desert… I seem to have lots of happy days because of the combination!
      It’s always so good to hear from you my friend!
      Happy Tuesday!

    1. Oh Judy… just getting the vaccine and knowing our second dose is coming soon… is such a wonderful feeling! Plus the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Life is Good!
      Happy Tuesday my friend! ☺️

  1. Good morning Nancy. I am so glad both of you received the vaccine. Both of us have the first shot and second one is scheduled. Oh, that amaryllis is gorgeous and the chocolate dipped strawberries look so delicious. I love your adventures and that you enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The tin cans are certainly interesting, and I am surprised they haven’t been disturbed. Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday, my friend!

    1. Good Morning Pam! I’m so glad to hear that you have received the vaccine and one is scheduled. I hope your Dad is doing well and he hopefully has gotten one too.

      Yes… when you are out by the old, old mines you often find the Miner’s Dump. These places are usually deep in the desert or are on private property but once in a while … you come across some. It’s always pretty cool to see.

      The sun shining on the desert this week was extra special… most likely knowing that we are slowly starting to rid ourselves of the monster Covid.

      Happy Tuesday my friend!

      1. Nancy, thanks so much for asking about my Dad. He is to get the 2nd vaccine on Friday. I certainly hope these vaccines will help return us to a more normal lifestyle, not sure what that will be.

      2. It’s going to be a while to be actually “normal” again. Isn’t that a weird statement? But… knowing we can hug our friends and family again is pretty awesome to me.
        I’m so happy your Dad is about to get his second dose. Bravo!
        Have a lovely day my friend…

  2. Way to get the shots, in the arm and on the course, Nance. That’s a wonderful week. My dear wife Karen and I have now both received both shots, and are quite excited about it. (She’s in the medical field, and the library where I work put me in the education phase here.) But no golf that’s for sure.

    1. Congratulations Mr. Mark! I am thrilled you both have received your shots! It’s a wonderful feeling!
      And Golf will be coming your way soon. Spring is right around the corner! Right?
      Happy Tuesday buddy!

  3. Nancy, thank you for volunteering to help with the vaccine! I got both my doses at a small local pharmacy. The process went very smoothly, the volunteers were very kind and helpful, and everyone was happy to be getting their shot. I was in and out in about 30 minutes. Your flowers are beautiful. It will be a while before I will have zinnias here so I really enjoyed seeing yours! Happy Tuesday!!

    1. These Zinnias are always quite fun for me. They are in a large container and they truly love the sun! I’ll be planting some at the LakeHouse in May and will enjoy them in August!

      And I am thrilled you have both received your vaccines! It’s such a wonderful feeling. Volunteering was actually quite fun! It was a 6 hour shift and I was teamed up with a fun gal. She and I clicked! We had so much fun with all the people coming through the line as we checked to make sure all their information was correct. Anyhoo… I made a new friend and she and I are going to get together soon at an an outdoor patio restaurant!
      Thanks for the visit Beth and enjoy your Tuesday!

    1. Good Morning Mary! It’s always fun coming across a Miner’s Dump.
      I need to see if you have posted any new birds as of late. I so enjoyed that colorful one from your last post. I forgot it’s name but I showed your pictures to Sweet Man… he loved it too!

      Yes volunteering was actually very fun. I am actually thinking of doing it again but… I don’t want to take the place of someone who wants to also receive the vaccine because of it. It’s not an easy process to sign up for it. I sat by my computer and actually refreshed it every so often. And then 1 spot opened because of a cancellation. I clicked it and got in! I was quite lucky!
      Have a great week my friend! ☺️

  4. Congrats on you two getting your shots! We sure are lucky to be here in Phoenix. The weather everywhere has been crazy but so nice here. Have a great week and let’s meet for coffee soon 😀

    1. Hey girl… we do live in a fabulous place!
      I am starting to see the BrittleBush blooming. Have you seen any poppies or Lupines? I have not. It was this time last year when I sprained my ankle when taking pictures of the poppies up there on the hill across from you.
      When it gets just a touch warmer (it’s a tad chilly this week) we can get together and sit outside in the back yard.
      Take care my friend and have a good Tuesday!

      1. My SIL arrives on Thursday for a ten day stay. Can you believe it was -35 in northern WI the other day? She can’t wait to get here. I’ll shoot you a text later next week and we’ll come up with a target for coffee/tea.☕

    1. Yes they did. I did not check it out though. No side effects for us. I hear the second dose can be a doozy. But worth it in the long run!

      Volunteering was actually quite fun as I teamed up with a fun gal. We were part of 14 others who had to make sure their data was all correct. She and I are actually going to get together soon at an outside patio.

      It is all part of history and we should never forget how this pandemic changed so much for so many people. I’m so very sad for those families that lost someone because of the Monster!

      Have a good Tuesday my friend!

      1. 2020 was not a fun year for me in several ways including losing family to the virus but we are going to make it through! Wondering what the other side is going to resemble after all this? Take care 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your vaccine! I just got Shot #2 today and starting the two-week countdown. Elation! Your jaunt to the desert looks like great fun! And warm. We had about eight inches of snow last night. Want to trade?!

    1. Oh no my friend… I had 24 inches of the white stuff when we made a trip to our LakeHouse in November.

      And congratulations on shot #2! What wonderful news! I’m so happy for you! Happy Tuesday!

  6. Good on you, Nancy, for putting up your hand and helping to kick Covid in the butt. I’m sure it’s going to be a slow process, but eventually, we’ll get there. Love the flowers, the chocolate strawberries and your Amaryllis. I have Hippeastrums – a close relation – but alas, only one flowered last year, so I’m hoping for a bumper crop this year. 🥰

  7. So many of us are jealous seeing your sunshine and shorts weather Nancy! It’s so brutally cold in the South and are houses aren’t built for it, I’ve been wrapped in an electric blanket! Love seeing the cactus and the “dump!” Kudos for volunteering and getting the vaccine!

  8. I love your photographs! It does indeed sound like a busy week. I’ll be interested to know if you had any negative reaction to the vaccine? I have to admit I’m still a bit wary of getting it…

    1. Hi and thank you for enjoying my pictures! No reaction whatsoever. The second dose is suppose to be a doozy for some and for others no reaction. I’ll take getting slightly sick instead of getting Covid. I have a friend right now in the hospital with it. She is much younger then me with no pre-existing conditions.
      Stay safe my friend.

    1. Michelle… you said it so perfectly! I bet they say around a camp fire talking about their families, poker games, women and God Forbid they talked about the Gold they found. They most likely would have been killed for it.
      Thank you for the visit!

  9. So happy to hear you both got vaccinated. Very smart of you to research out the volunteering method to immunization. A gorgeous place you live in. Loving all that warm sunshine flowing through my computer screen.

    1. We are thrilled to be under the security of our first dose!
      I am so happy the sun is warming you up through the computer screen!
      Happy Weekend to You!

  10. Nancy, I’m so sorry I’m late commenting. I have had a crazy week with winter weather, frozen pipes, my husband fell on the ice and had a concussion, and I was under the weather. It’s been crazy! On a happier note, I’m so glad that your were able to get your COVID shot. We got our first dose Friday. My husband, daughter, and I all have a comorbidity. So under our state guidelines we qualified this week. I was so thankful I thought I would cry. I always love seeing where you live. It is such a gorgeous place! Take care, and have a most beautiful week, sweet friend!

    1. Oh Shannon you have had a terrible week! But you got your vaccine shot! Hallelujah! I hope the weather warms up for you my friend and I hope your husband is okay!
      Stay safe to ALL of you.

  11. Beautiful pictures of Valentine treats and outdoor beauty. It’s wonderful that you made a new friend and can plan an outdoor dining experience. My county is still under draconian lockdown and restaurants are closing. So sad! Stay well and enjoy the warmth of AZ.

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