A Valentine’s Day to Remember!

A beautiful day was had!

We decided to stay in and cook together!  So that’s what we did.

We made homemade pasta!

All the ingredients for pasta are in your pantry!

3 eggs, 2 cups of flour, 1/2 tsp. salt, 1 T of olive oil and 3 T of water

Mix all the ingredients together in a stand up mixer or in a food processor until they come together and form a ball.


Place the ball of dough on the counter and knead it.


Cover it with a tea towel and let it rest for a half hour.


After a half hour roll out the dough into a rectangle.


IMG_9677 - Copy

After rolling out the dough… cut it into 4 strips.


Take one strip of dough and roll it through the pasta machine at level 1 on the dial. Do that a few times then roll it through level 2 a few times…


Here you can see the number dial at the top.

After changing the dial to level 3 and 4 your little strip of dough looks like this…


Then take that dough and roll it through the cutting part of the pasta machine.

Repeat all steps with all strips of dough and this is what you get.


The pasta can dry for a few hours. But remember it is fresh pasta so it cooks in about 3 minutes. I drained the pasta then…

I tossed the pasta with roasted asparagus, baked salmon and olive oil.


This was then accompanied with lobster tails because it was Valentine’s Day!


After dinner it was time to go watch the sunset…


He is always thinking… and yes, sweet man is recovering from shoulder surgery. He is doing well!  Update: he is all better now!
A pretty flower was found!


Do you see the balloons??  I will do that one day! Update: I did! See it here.





We like to live by the sun and love by the moon…

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

59 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day to Remember!

    1. I love to cook! But today I will walk the rich food off! HA HA HA!
      It was a gorgeous day full of fun, laughter and beauty in the sky!

  1. What fun! We went to an outdoor antique fair just to get out, and cooked together that evening. (Chicken Marcella and glazed baby carrots) Spending time together – especially cooking and enjoying the everyday moments of life (like your beautiful sunset) is far more romantic than chocolate hearts and flowers, in my opinion. You’ve inspired me to break out my pasta machine!

    1. You said it perfectly! Simple pleasures are what make life fabulous. Oh I hope you posted the recipe for your chicken marcella. And have fun with that pasta machine!

  2. Glad to see SSM is up and about. Tell him hello for me and I am so jealous of your views! You really must do the balloon ride. We did it out there a couple years ago for our anniversary.

    1. He is up and about.
      I have a spot reserved to do the balloon ride but just need to pick the day. It’s all in the timing as well. There will not be any balloon rides this morning as the winds have picked up a bit.
      SSM… too funny!!!

    1. Thank ya, Madam! Now I am off to work off the Valentine rich food!
      I bet you saw all the balloons this past weekend… Saturday night I counted 19.

  3. Oh that is such a lovely Valentines Day and I am just so impressed with the fact that you made home made pasta. A beautiful day to always be remembered. Most excellent post dear Nancy.

  4. Home made pasta accompanied with lobster tails to die for… ; and prepared by a gorgeous chef The sunset view is fabulous!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful Valentine’s Day, Nancy. 🙂

    1. Thank you for coming over for a visit and sharing your kind words with me.
      Oh and I must also thank you for checking up on me.
      Sometimes this kind of thing called “yard work” comes before my blog. Since sweet, sweet man is only a one arm bandit because of his shoulder surgery… I have been tackling the spring clean up.
      But still… thank you for checking up on me!

  5. What a wonderful day the two of you had! I love homemade pasta–I might need to try to make some for myself now that I’ve read your post here. 🙂 I hope that your sweet sweet man recovers quickly from his shoulder surgery. And what a gorgeous sunset you witnessed…, so, so nice. 🙂 <3

  6. What a cutie pie, making pasta, cooking a scrumptious dinner with lobster and then sunsets In The desert. What more could you want? Hope your sweet, sweet man is doing well. Hugs and kisses for you both.

    1. It was DELISH!
      I did not make it over your way as of late. Since sweet, sweet man is a one armed bandit due to shoulder surgery… I have been doing spring yard work. I will be over soon!

  7. Oh, that’s our idea of a perfect celebration! We love to make pasta too—it’s one of our favourite things to cook together on a weekend. Great photo essay—your whole meal looks absolutely divine. And you so perfectly conveyed just how beautiful and romantic your day was! Wonderful post! :))

  8. Fresh pasta! My salute to you Nancy! The sunset looks amazing, you both had a wonderful treat for the Valentine’s day. Wishing your Valentine’s companion a speedy recovery 🙂 Best wishes to you!

  9. I love that Nancy – “We like to live by the sun and love by the moon…” Beautiful words that stick to my heart like great pasta!

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