National Margarita Day!

Easy Margaritas Recipe

All You Need Are The Following Ingredients and Course Salt for the Rim of You Glass. 

Rub rims of glasses with a lime wedge; place salt in a saucer and dip rims. (You may omit the salt if you do not like it.)

In a blender combine 1 can of Limeade, 1 can of good quality tequila, 1/2 can of triple sec and a can of beer. (I actually use a 1/2 can of lite beer.)  Add a can of crushed ice. Blend and serve in Margarita Glasses. Garnish with a lime wedge.  Enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “National Margarita Day!

  1. We make a frozen margarita in the summer using fresh juiced lines, Silver Coin Tequila from Santa Fe, NM (very high quality tequila), sugar and ice. We blend it until it’s smooth and thick like a smoothy. We divide it up into serving sized ports and throw them in the freezer. We eat it with a spoon. It’s great on hot summer afternoons like margarita sorbetto.

      1. I’ll get you the proportions. It’s really easy. We made a batch to use up a bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold we had for some reason. Then we made a batch with the Silver Coin Tequila. Laurie’s mom came over and we did a blind taste test on her. She doesn’t drink, but she makes an exception for frozen margaritas. She ate a little of the batch with JQG in it, then took one taste of the batch made with SCT, pushed the JQG away and said “This is the one!”

      2. I need to find some Silver Coin Tequila. I usually but Patron but wanted this blue bottle for my bar cart because it looks soooo cool!

      3. Go the the SCT website and see who distributes it in your area. Costco carried it for awhile in Albuquerque — We met the owner of SCT in Costco, and talked to him for a long time. He happened to be there, saw us putting a bottle in our cart, and asked us what we thought of it. After we went on and on about how good it was, he gave us his card, told us he was the owner, and gave us a history about how he got into selling tequila. I haven’t seen SCT in Costco this year, but Total Wine and More carries it here, so if you have TW&M in your area they should have it.

      4. We do so I shall head over there in the next week or so. I love just sipping GOOD Tequila over crushed ice in a small glass of course! 😉

      5. The proportions for frozen margaritas:

        1 cup lime juice (about 7 limes)
        1 cup sugar
        1 cup tequila
        Add ice to make 64 oz.

        Blend the lime juice, sugar and tequila together until the sugar is completely dissolved. Add ice and blend it until smooth.

    1. They use too for me as well until I started using real good quality tequila. It does help. But I do have to make sure not to over indulge. Like everything… only in moderation. HA HA HA HA

  2. I like National Margarita Day on February 22nd sounds like a good idea, but personally I’m just waiting for Chocolate Doughnut Day. I’m not sure when (or if) this takes place, so I’ve been practicing regularly to make sure I’m in peak condition for when it happens.

      1. Okay mark your calendar… And I will be sure to write a post about devouring some sinful crime filled yumminess!

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