The Longest Day D-Day June 6, 1944

June 6, 1944     72 years ago.

Known as The Longest Day…


Today we remember those who were there and fought for our freedom.

Thank You!

The following pictures are from Normandy, France.

The water was red on this day 72 years ago.
One of many German Bunkers that are up and down the coast line.


All bunkers are burned out inside and covered with bullet holes.
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Omaha Beach Monument

Pointe De Hoc was the highest area between Utah Beach and Omaha Beach. On D-Day The Army Rangers captured Pointe du Hoc after a long battle.

Pointe du Hoc
 The Army Rangers had to climb these cliffs to capture Pointe du Hoc.


Pointe du Hoc Ranger Memorial



Going down into a German Bunker…


The ceiling is burned here…
Here you are able to see where the land has been bombed.

Later at a museum we saw the following…

These were used to bring our soldiers closer to the coast.




We Have Not Forgotten…





28 thoughts on “The Longest Day D-Day June 6, 1944

  1. Thanks for sharing this. How humbling and sobering. How blessed we have been to have men who sacrificed everything in the hopes of preserving what was right. Let’s pray for continued favor and protection over our land!

    1. You said it all so well. It killed way too many. Never to be forgotten.
      Thank you for enjoying this post… it means a lot to me that you took the time to read and comment.

  2. Thank you so much for this timely post. I can’t imagine the emotions of being there in person. I get choked up just seeing the pictures. Never forget!

    1. I agree! This generation is almost gone and we must remember them! The younger generations including ourselves have so much to learn from these strong men and women!

  3. Wow Nancy, that photo of Omaha Beach Monument is lovely. I thought so the first time you posted it, but seeing it again just reinforces how lovely it is. As sad as it can be visiting these types of places, I find it important to remember to do so so that we remember those who gave so much and are now gone but never forgotten.

  4. I thank you sincerely for sharing your visit. Having lost two uncles under 22 years of age impacted my entire family. I don’t know how you ‘felt’ when you were there, but I know when I visit these historic sites where so many lives were lost I can almost feel the loss – it seems to surround me. Humbling.

    1. I felt immensely! It was an emotional experience for me. My heartfelt hug to you for losing your two uncles. How very sad that these two young men died… and they gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. <3

  5. It’s a pretty place. It’s so sad to think of all the people who died there. I remember watching the horrific opening scene from “Saving Private Ryan” and then reading comments from veterans saying the reality was similar, but even worse. I’m very grateful to the all those soldiers who fought on Omaha Beach and indeed elsewhere in the world to make sure that the Axis powers did not win WWII. Who knows what sort of nightmarish world we’d be living in now were it not for their sacrifice?

    1. I could not have said it any better… And thank you for taking time to stop by. Your comments are so very much appreciated.

    1. such shivers go up and down my back with the horrible thoughts of what could have been. Thank God for those who put our freedom first!

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