Tuesday Tidbits #179 Bits and Pieces

Happy First Day of Summer!

Today is the Longest Day of the Year!

Get outside and enjoy every minute of it!

After a bit of painting … I plan to take my kayak out today and paddle the lake like these geese.


We had a cold week and it was windy. But it didn’t stop us from antiquing. We had two wonderful days of yard sales, thrifting, and antiquing where we ventured down country roads that led us to new and old places. We even enjoyed and outdoor Arts and Antiques Show.

Cute setup!
I bought a lovely necklace from this vendor.
I bought these old envelopes at the show.
They look lovely styled on our old typewriter.
Do you see that small adorable transferware covered dish on the bottom shelf of our corner cupboard? That was a purchase from this past weekend.
Our sunroom displays this corner cupboard nicely.

Sights Along the Way

We were in Titusville, Pennsylvania and we were told to go inside the bank as it had a gorgeous mural on the ceiling.

Beautiful building.
The beautiful mural depicts Edwin Drake who discovered oil by being the first to drill for oil in America in Titusville.
Fresh cut hay and an old barn.
Hay was being cut everywhere!
This Amish boy was cutting hay as well.
Someone didn’t get the memo to cut the hay.

Our Garden Flowers

Miranda Lambert Rose
Yellow Loosestrife
Spotted Dead Nettle
My mom called these Buttercups but many people call them sundrops.
Our garden gives us colorful flowers all summer!
Our purple coneflowers have begun to bloom.
Our neighbor’s lilies.

Boat Ride with Friends

Not just any old friends… but special friends!

This is Apollo!
Meet Harley!
And Daisy is getting her beauty rest!
Our weekend ended with a small sundae!

Bits and Pieces

So there you have it. Our week was full of Bits and Pieces! And all those Bits and Pieces made a Whole lot of fun!

Enjoy your First Day of Summer! Hope you find something fun to do. And whatever it is… CELEBRATE! Make some lasting memories! Thank you for stopping by my friends!