A Day at Desert Botanical Gardens with a New Friend!

When I started this blog over a year ago,  the first thought that came to my mind was my Dad.

This looks just like my Dad with my son. Dad would show my son how to do things on the computer. My son is now an IT Engineer! Source; Cliparts.com


Dad was a hobby printer and he would set type and publish small articles. Then Dad bought a computer.  His world changed for his monthly newsletter called “TidBits.”    Word publishing was a cinch now on that computer!  Sure he still set type  but boy did he love that computer!

My siblings and I have all said…If he were alive today he would be blogging and his “TidBits” would be all over WordPress!

The second thought that came to my mind when My Blog began…

was how Blogging is a community… all of it’s own.

Source; http://www.revealingthestuffs.com

A virtual community. We are all here to support each other. And sometimes we get an extra treat to meet our virtual friends. I have had that opportunity!

Ingrid from Live Laugh Rv  and I first met for Coffee. We  hit it off and we chatted on and on!  Then we got together another time at The Desert Botanical Gardens.

BotanicGarden 015
Here we are… Ingrid is on the right. Thank You Ingrid for the selfie of us!


What fun we had capturing all that we could!

A Saguaro Blossom.


Loved how this Prickly Pear Blossom was trying to grow through the branches!



IMG_2847IMG_2765Serious photography was going on…

BotanicalGarden 155


Even the Creatures stopped to see what we were doing!

Pic Monkey Collage CreaturesOf course,  seriousness leads to fun and games!



Blogging has become a great joy to me. Who would have thought friendships would blossom? Thank You Ingrid for reaching out to me. What fun was had and more fun to come!


Until Next Time  ~Nancy