Tuesday Tidbits #150 Settled In

Home Again in Arizona!

Just a little touch of fall in the family room. My sister gave me the pumpkin! 🧡

We finally feel settled back here in AZ. It took me a little longer then usual… perhaps it’s a sign of old age?!

The weather has been superb! The temperatures are wonderful!

A sunset in our backyard.

We have been enjoying the cool mornings and evenings on the patio.

Coffee outside on the back patio starts the day off nicely.

During the evenings …an ambiance surrounds us with outdoor lighting.

The agave silhouette !

A peek at the She Shed from the patio.
A scarecrow swinging on my she shed wreath! Of course it’s barbed wired… cause we live in the Wild, Wild West!

Texas Time!

When we left our LakeHouse we made a stop in Texas to visit family.

And when we visit… I always enjoy the chickens!

They love sour cream! Who knew?

And with chickens… you know I am going to have fresh fried eggs!

There’s nothing better! Well maybe homemade bread made by my sister in law… just waiting to be toasted. Mmmm! 🧡

Feature Creatures

And when in Texas we always enjoy the deer in the pasture! This time we Ran with the Deer! Well, we didn’t actually run but we were in a side by side… it was fun! Therefore this weeks Feature Creatures are in the video! It was almost dark out so the quality is not the greatest. I sure hope you can watch! I turned off the sound so you don’t hear me laughing!


We enjoyed an evening outside with John Fogerty at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. He was fantastic! He sang all the great songs from Credence Clearwater Revival.

Great concert!

Book Club

I am now in a Book Club. Our first book was…

I enjoyed it very much! We had a great discussion and I highly recommend it!

An Easy Dinner For You

I made Turkey Stuffing Roll Ups for the first time. They are so delicious and so easy! Plus it’s a delicious meal you could share with company. My sister gave me her version of making this meal.

*Get good quality deli Turkey sliced thicker then usual.

*Make Stove Top Stuffing. I always add some fresh parsley and sautéed diced celery to it.

*Butter a baking dish… I used a 13×9 size.

*Take one Turkey slice then add a scoop of stuffing on it and roll it up. I got about 8 roll ups to one box of stuffing.

*Then pour Turkey gravy over it all. I used 2 jars of gravy.

*Bake at 375 until it’s hot and bubbly. I’ll make this again for sure! I hope you give it a try.

Thanks Again!

I sure do appreciate you stopping by. It’s always so good to hear from you. Enjoy these last few days of October and have a Happy Halloween!