Fall is in the Air ~ Tuesday Tidbits #94

Hello Friends and Welcome!

I enjoy having my second cup of coffee on the front porch in the mornings. I catch up on emails, blogs, news and social media. Sitting on my wicker chair sipping coffee with my iPad on my lap is a lovely way to start the day. All the while the cars drive by and the chickadees stop in for their favorite munchies at the nearby feeder. Oh… but this week it was a wee bit chilly. You could see the coffee steaming!

A little chickadee…
Cooler mornings…

50 degrees felt sooooo good after our hot summer days.

The geese have been flying overhead every morning. Most likely stopping by at the lake, for a bit, before they move on. Their honking sound is incredible to hear. We don’t hear geese in the Sonoran desert. So hearing them here is a treat!

After porch sitting I head to the kitchen to make some breakfast. This past week another frittata was made as it’s an easy way to use up the veggies from our garden.

A Breakfast Frittata…

I tend to be a cook that does not follow a recipe. But here is how I made this scrumptious breakfast delight.

Like I said… Fall is in the Air. We can feel the crisp air but best of all there are sightings of Fall beginning to show here and there …around NW Pennsylvania.

Golden Rod is pretty but it does give me the sniffles…

The fields of golden rod were late this year but always so pretty to see.


You can see that some leaves are starting their autumnal process… in the above capture and below as well.

Even though Halloween is no where near… the pumpkins are making an appearance at road side markets.

We enjoy seeing all these glimpses of fall approaching… but it does mean we are closer to saying goodbye to summer.

But Tonya the Traffic Controller down at the lake is most likely ready to say goodbye to summer as there have been lots of people driving down to Lakeside this year. She advises them in all different ways to SLOW DOWN!

Here she is working on their truck. Look closely she is our resident Barbie Princess!

Tanya the Traffic Controller.

Here she is a few weeks ago captured by my friend Judy.

You can find Judy on Instagram.

I will make sure to share more of Tonya the Traffic Controller in upcoming posts. Most likely she will be raking leaves soon!

So from Tonya and I… Happy Tuesday my friends! Take good care and enjoy the rest of your week!