Tuesday Tidbits #169 It’s Our Special Corner

Hello Friends

The sweet fragrance of spring blooms can be intoxicating here in our garden. Places like this is where I can find peace and joy…

Myrtle Leaf Milkwort (Sweet Pea Shrub)

As well as our backyard oasis.

Here in our home sweet home…

And right here in BlogLand…

In this crazy and upsetting world it’s times like these where we need to come together and support each other where we find beauty, peace and kindness. When we do so… we can confront the atrocities. We must stay true to who we are so that beauty, peace and kindness stay put in our neck of the woods. That way our minds can stay rational and balanced.

Queen Elizabeth bloomed showing off her beauty and her royalty.

Therefore, I shall stay put here in BlogLand and share the little Tidbits of Two Trails One Road. Our special corner of the world. And I will specifically look for your special corner of the world to also bring me Beauty, Peace, Kindness and Joy! It’s how I can stay sane.

Let the Tidbits Flow

Last week I was reminding sweet man all about Paczki. Basically, I was letting him know we needed to go out and see if our local grocery store had them. He had a few errands to run and would be back home in a jiffy so that we could go out to hunt down the delicious Paczki. (If you are not familiar with them… they are a Polish treat that is specifically eaten on Fat Tuesday.) I am not Polish and neither is Sweet Man but it’s an excuse to eat a yummy treat.

Well, he went and did it… it’s why I call him Sweet Man. He came walking through the door with fresh… made that morning Paczki!

Custard filled PaczkiI think they were still slightly warm from the bakery! They were delicious with a capital D!

From Paczki to Clouds… no segue. I just love clouds!

Whispy Clouds make me smile…

And from clouds to more roses…

Another rose joined Queen Elizabeth in the garden. This one is named Montezuma. It’s a pretty coral shade.

More Tidbits and Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is behind the piano.

We had Bob Dylan on our Bucket List of Concerts. He came to Phoenix so off we went. The picture is somewhat blurry as I had to take this quickly. Security was crazy about taking pictures. They were threatening many people of taking their cell phones away …so I snapped this one and put my phone away. He was okay… he didn’t sing any of his famous songs, not a one. He stayed behind the piano all night. He did not chat with the audience. It was short and no encore.

Spring at the LakeHouse

Snowdrops planted by my Mom over 50+ years ago!

Our neighbor at the LakeHouse sent me the above picture. When these little delights, called snowdrops, show their little blossoms… you know spring is on its way! Planted by my Mother 50+ years ago! I remember my Mom digging a few up and wrapping them in paper and laying them in a box for me to plant at my house in Ohio. I wonder if they are still coming up in that yard?

Speaking of Delights

A delicious Reuben Sandwich from a local watering hole was for lunch the other day. We started celebrating St. Patrick’s Day earlier then usual!
Why not make yourself an Irish Coffee… it’s simple and quite delicious. Coffee, a wee bit of Irish Cream and top it off with whipped cream.

If you are even more daring you can make your own homemade Irish Cream. I share how by Clicking here.

Since we are talking about St. Patrick’s Day I thought I’d share my little Irish Coffee area…

I always need to add some garden blooms.

My Walks

I love sharing the beauty I find from my walks around the neighborhood.

Myrtle Spurge
Beautiful landscaped yard.
Those clouds coming up from behind the mountain.

Gardening Tip

Have you heard this one tip when growing basil?

Fill a mason jar with leftover coffee grounds, and a banana peel. Then fill with hot water. Let it steep for two days. After two days strain the liquid into a leftover gallon milk jug. Fill the rest of the milk jug with water. Discard the banana peel and coffee grounds. Use the banana coffee liquid diluted with water, a few cups at a time, on your basil.

Best basil I have ever grown!

A nice ending to the day and a nice ending for Tuesday Tidbits.

Thanks for Reading Tuesday Tidbits

Sending well wishes to all of you for a wonderful week to come.