Our Feathered Friends

There is just something about capturing a bird in its environment. Especially if it’s one we hardly see very often.

When I moved to Arizona it was the first time I saw our beloved Quail.

The babies are always a treat to see. When they are first born they are as big as a mouse and leave the nest quickly. I have heard as many as 24 eggs to as little as 2 or 3 in a nest. Their nest can end up anywhere. We had some desert dirt in a plastic tub on the side of our house and there they were. A nest of eight.

After they hatched they were in our back yard for a day and then they left us.

Later we saw them up on our wall. Dad was watching over.

The babies are hard to capture as they scurry quickly.

Another Southwest bird hard to capture is the Roadrunner. They dart from here to there in no time!

We have had our share of Hawks in both our yards.

In Arizona…

And in Pennsylvania…

However my most favorite bird is our Arizona Backyard Owls. To be specific… our Great Horned Owls!

These owls are quite large about 18″ – 20″ and have 3-5 ft. Wingspan. They hoot back and forth to each other at night. In the evening is when we see them the most …while we sit outside on our back patio.

This last photo gives me a chuckle…

Seeing the Hummingbird above the owl! Hilarious!

When we return to Pennsylvania it’s always a pleasure to see the Robin. We don’t have them in the desert. Along with the Grosbeaks, Bluejays, purple martins and woodpeckers.

We do share Goldfinches, sparrows, doves, hummingbirds and cardinals in both states.

With our travels we see many types of birds.

White Crested Black Polish Chicken

We saw these beautiful swans behind the Queen of England’s Palace!

Along with this Herron.

When in Hawaii we saw the Red Crested Cardinal.

Common Loons of Washington Island

Gray Crowned Crane

But when we are by the water we always love to see…




No matter where we are… we will always be enamored by our Feathered Friends.

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Until Next Time ~Nancy