Tuesday Tidbits #161 RELAXATION

Wow! It’s Tuesday already! This week went by quick!

Welcome Friends!

We have more then one full week done in 2022! I spent it putting away Christmas. But I needed to still feel the ambiance …so I left the candles and twinkling lights up. It’s so cozy in the morning waiting for the sunrise or in the evening watching the sunset!

So Relaxing!

I added the new faux Sheep Skin rug to the front of the fireplace this week. I plan for it to stay until Spring starts blooming in the Family Room. 🌼🌷🌼

Speaking of Relaxing

How Do You Relax?

With Thanksgiving travels, Christmas festivities, New Years Fun and then packing it all up and putting it all away… when do we relax? Lately, I’m feeling the need to relax more. Sitting down here at my iPad and writing a blog post helps me to relax. Blogging/sharing pictures/sharing a little bit of ourselves is calming to me. I also enjoy reading other blogs! It’s not only inspirational but I enjoy the dialogue back and forth. Our friendships here in this beautiful community are enjoyable. (I hear Blogging is starting to make a comeback… I’ll leave that for another post!)

Blogging is just one way of relaxing for me, but I do enjoy a soak in the Hot Tub, sitting outside in our backyard oasis with sweet man, a great book can let me escape, and gardening is my therapy. Another way to unwind for me is to take a walk. I enjoy the nature all around me while I pray, think and just “be!” When I come back from my walk… I’m refreshed! As of late… I have needed to set time away to take care of me and make sure I get refreshed. To calm my mind from all the “To Do Lists!” I’m curious as to what you do?

Looking at this… is refreshing to my mind!
And this is too!

Trying New Recipes

Cooking is another way for me to “Stay Calm and Carry On!” 🙂 This past week for my Book Club Meeting, that I hosted, I made the cutest little appetizers! And they are somewhat healthy as well… as they are small. 🙂

Taco Bites

All are slightly different as some gals do not like tomatoes or can not eat cheese.

I didn’t follow a recipe… there are hundreds of different ways to use Phyllo Tart Shells as you can see on Pinterest. And these Taco Bites are Easy with a capital E! I filled each with Taco Meat (use your recipe,) shredded lettuce, some with diced tomatoes, and some with cheese. (Some of my guests do not enjoy tomatoes or cheese.) I topped each one with Sour Cream or Ranch Dressing as soon as it was time to eat. Easy! And darling! Your guests will love them! And they are so darn cute!

When in Arizona

A good ride in the desert makes us both happy campers! Exploring these Wide Open Spaces brings a smile to our faces.

Like I said we love to explore… we want to see what’s back there in those hills, mountains and off road trails. On our last ride we saw a Wildlife Water Catchment Platform. It was quite large. It basically catches rain water and directs it to a trough that then goes into a holding tank that’s open to the animals.

How cool is this! The desert animals are quite thankful for this! ❤️

How Do You Relax?

Once again, thanks so much for stopping by. It’s always so good to hear from you. And please… share your relaxation techniques with me! 🙂