A Valentine Get-Away

Sweet Man came walking out of his office and said… “Let’s get away for a few days.” I exclaimed… “Sure, but where?” “San Diego!” he replied. “Fabulous!” …and off I went to pack.

Our home sweet home for a few days!

San Diego can be described in one simple word as Gorgeous!! There is beauty around every corner, hillside and view!

We found this neighborhood close to the historical Old Town San Diego.

Each historic home is filled with fascinating stories I am sure. Every lovely abode has its own unique look as well as its own ornate landscaping.

After touring this quaint neighborhood… I thought we were headed back to our Hotel. But to my surprise, he headed in a different direction. And lo and behold look what he found for us. These stunning sunset views!

We loved every minute!

Don’t you worry… more on San Diego is yet to come.

22 thoughts on “A Valentine Get-Away

  1. I have been wondering about San Diego for a while and your post answers my questions. Looks like you had a great time at great getaway location 🙂 Welcome back!!

    1. You really need to go visit. We hired a personal tour. She drove us everywhere and gave us lots of time at each stop. More pictures will be coming!

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