25 thoughts on “Share the Love Today

  1. Wise words my friend. I’m spending Valentine’s Day with my Mom who is recovering from surgery. Hopefully by next year she will be in a while new chapter of life.

    1. Thank you my friend! I just now saw your comment! Some of my comments went into the depths of WordPress …perhaps a parallel universe of sorts?!? Glad you came by and commented. I do really appreciate it even though they get hidden from my eyes at times!

  2. Hi Nancy! Sorry it’s taken me a while to get over to visit you! Thank you for your visit to my blog, and your lovely comments 🙂 It has been wonderful getting to know you on Instagram too! I just LOVE your blog, what fresh, gorgeous lovely photos and thoughts you showcase! I just loved the beautiful “love” images you shared in this post, and wanted to tell you that your post from the 19th has gorgeous pictures in it too, although I couldn’t find a place to comment on that post. So sweet for you and your husband to get away to such a beautiful place! Blessings to you today 🙂

    1. So glad you have enjoyed my photos! It’s always fun to find people we connect with on this World Wide Web! I am wanting to bake your biscuits sometime soon!

      As for commenting on my blog… It’s down at the very end of each post. However, I have noticed when ALL of us from different domain carriers try to comment on each other’s blogs it gets a wee bit difficult at times. There should be a universal comment reply for ALL blogs.

      Thank you so much for stopping in and taking the time to comment. That sure was nice of you!!

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