Tuesday Tidbits #123 Honanki Heritage Site

It’s Tuesday! The week went by pretty quick for me. How about for you?

Welcome In Friends!

It’s time to reminisce about this past week. I’m having coffee on the back patio and enjoying the rose blooms. How about you?

An Adventure Was Had

Early this week we ventured to Jerome, AZ. We planned an overnight at the Jerome Grand Hotel. It’s a beautiful place and Jerome is a fun quirky town that we really enjoy.

They say it’s haunted. It was a hospital in the 1920’s.

We knew we were early for check in. So we made a planned stop a little further up the road near Sedona, AZ. at the Honanki Heritage Site. The Sinagua built most of the Cliff Dwellings of the area back in 1150AD. To enter you must leave your Red Rock Pass or America the Beautiful Pass on your vehicle dashboard.

This was the road into the area.

Beautiful views all the way to the site.

Once you park your vehicle… the hiking trail to the Cliff Dwelling is close. And the hike is actually a lovely short walk.

After the short walk… the Cliff Dwelling is in view.


Many petroglyphs can be seen!

And the Red Rocks are always lovely to see.

The bushes were covered in red rock dirt.

After viewing this beautiful area we were off to Jerome.

We enjoyed this yellow vine growing on the front of the hotel.

A delightful dinner with friends at the Hotel was the perfect ending to the day!

Back at Home

We are still enjoying our garden blooms. The rose garden has been showing off.

And the cacti are still blooming.

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32 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #123 Honanki Heritage Site

  1. We drove through Jerome a year ago, it was so crowded there was nowhere to park so we didn’t stop. BUT….we wondered what IS that big building with no roof that looks Italian? (Your photo just below the redrocks images.) I guess next time we’re in that part of the world we should book a night so that we can explore the town more!

    1. Oh how I do agree with you… Parking is a wee bit tough in Jerome. But they have made two new parking lots that make it a little bit easier. It’s a cool town… if you ever make it back I hope you take a look again.
      Happy Tuesday!

    1. Hello Jane… so good to hear from you! I am so happy you enjoyed the trip and our flowers. Thank you for visiting my friend.
      Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thank you Beth. It was a fun get away. It’s amazing how being double vaccinated just gives us a sense of relief. And to start getting a wee bit back to normal.
      Happy Tuesday!

    1. Miss you too! And yes, Sedona is very beautiful and is always missed if you can not get to it quickly. And roses will be blooming soon in your neck of the woods.
      Enjoy your day, my friend!

  2. Good morning, Nancy. How fun it would be to enjoy coffee in your beautiful garden. I will have to ask hubby, but I think we have visited that cliff dwelling. It is so very interesting, can you imagine the hardships? We did love Jerome, I know an overnight stay in the hotel was fabulous. I always love to read about where you have been and what you saw. Wishing you a lovely Tuesday, my friend!

    1. Good morning sweet Pam. I enjoy hearing from you.
      We are feeling more comfortable with our adventures. Being double vaccinated gives us a sense of relief.
      These Cliff dwellings are truly amazing and they always have a magnificent view. I concur, that their hardships were real.
      Thank you for the visit and Happy Tuesday!

  3. Those blooms in your home are so gorgeous I’m amazed you’d ever want to leave! Well, not really, because we ALL want to leave these days, don’t we, for whatever getaway we can have. It looks like you picked a good one. Seeing your Sedona photos brought back many good memories. I wonder if I still have the cookbook I bought in Jerome? It was in the 1970s! (the rest of AZ much more recently!). Thanks for a lovely online getaway today!

    1. Good morning my friend! I am so glad you got to visit Jerome. A fun little mountain town. And I am thrilled you had a fun virtual get away with us today.
      Happy Tuesday my friend!

  4. Beautiful area. I have friends who lived in Jerome. It’s been years since I’ve been there.

    1. I am still amazed how the houses are built there on the side of the mountain.
      I am glad you have visited Jerome. They now have parking lots… a little bit more easier to park.
      Happy Tuesday Tim! Thanks for the visit!

  5. Wow, Nancy. What a lovely place. Sometimes I feel as though I’m riding along right next to you 🙂 Thank you for sharing, I dearly hope to visit your part of the world one day.

      1. I’ve been saying this for a long time, and now I guess I’ll be saying it for awhile longer “One Day!” Happy Tuesday to you too 🥰

  6. Nancy, thanks for taking us along on your trip. The park looks gorgeous! As always, your garden is stunning. Wishing you a most beautiful week, sweet friend!

  7. Such and interesting post and your photos are beautiful! I wonder if that hospital, given its isolation, was for TB patients to recuperate? Looks lovely these days and thanks for this bit of virtual travel.

    1. Jerome was an old mining town. Many who were hospitalized most likely had TB, lung issues from mining, influenza, or injuries from mining. It’s a fun town.
      Thank you for enjoying the virtual trip! Please come visit again my friend.

  8. Gorgeous captures, Nancy! Jerome is so cool…..have done day trips there, never stayed. I did not know about about Honanki Heritage Cliff Dwelling….I’m a Mesa Verde freak….love cliff dwellings. Glad you shared such great captures of that!! The roses are in bloom….beautiful captures across the board! Have a great week!

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