Tuesday Tidbits #196 A Pennsylvania Autumn

I share this favorite spot at Edinboro Lake quite often… it just never gets old!

Autumn, the season that teaches us, that change can be beautiful.” ~Heather Stillufsen

It’s been an amazing fall here in Northwest Pennsylvania! Every one we chat with are amazed of how bright and colorful the trees are this year. The reds, oranges, golds and greens pop against the bright blue sky.

A Pennsylvania rural church.
A place to sit and leave your worries behind.
The colors of Autumn.

When driving the back country roads… asters dot the fields with purple.

The bees are still enjoying.

Other shades of purple come from the Fall Crocus.

Fall Crocus

With Fall Comes Clambakes!

Shrimp comes out first…
Then more goodies… clams and mussels… corn and potatoes.
Looking forward to enjoying the Clambake deliciousness!

Homecoming 2022

We enjoyed another fall event here in Edinboro. My college alma mater Homecoming.

Our Gardens

I have been dead heading most of the flowers that are done. However the Hydrangeas have taken on a gorgeous deep rose color.

Hydrangeas in Autumn.
Bringing the outdoors in.

Painting Fun with a Friend

My friend and I enjoyed an evening of Halloween painting. Lots of giggles while we painted our Voo Doo Queen or as we called her… our Hocus Pokus Witch.

Her Masterpiece!
Amazing Talent! 👩‍🎨😃

Last but Not Least

Our book club is still meeting. We zoom our meetings since I am here in Pennsylvania. We all enjoyed our last book very much. We highly recommend it. A Painted House by John Grisham

We highly recommend this book! An excellent read! A Painted House by John Grisham.

Thank You!

As I always try to convey… we sure do appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.


Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what October brings to you this upcoming week.

Whatever you have planned… make every day count.

Happy Fall and Stay Cozy!

36 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #196 A Pennsylvania Autumn

    1. This was the first book that ALL of our Book Club participates enjoyed the book.
      I always enjoy your visits my friend. Thank you!

  1. Nancy, your photos are gorgeous! The fall colors are amazing. The asters and your hydrangeas are beautiful. How fun to be able to enjoy homecoming at your alma mater. The clambake, how tasty is that and the Halloween painting class adds to all of your wonderful activity. You are enjoying autumn in PA and thank you for sharing it with us!

    Happy Tuesday 🧡🎃

    1. The Autumn festivities this week were so enjoyable. I am so happy you enjoyed them right along with me.
      Thank you for always being so sweet! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Nancy, thank you for sharing your beautiful fall colors! Your photos made me smile this morning. I love your witch painting! Happy October!

  3. Now, that’s drop-dead dazzling color everywhere — from the landscapes to the garden and those pretty hydrangeas! WOW! I love the clambake. I’ve never been to one but oh, that would be so much fun. Beautiful photos as always (that church is a gem and so are the autumn photos with the water!). Glorious, Nancy!

  4. Your fall color is breathtaking Nancy! And those hydrangeas, gorgeous! Love your fun witch painting, and wow, clambakes, homecoming so many festive activities! Thanks for the book recommendation, I love John Grisham and haven’t read that one. Have a super week!

    1. Oh this is a good book! ALL of our book club members enjoyed it very much… that was the first book for our club to be enjoyed by ALL!
      Thank you for enjoying our week and the amazing Autumn Colors.
      Happy Tuesday dear Jenna!

  5. So much to love this week! Fall is gorgeous in Pennsylvania, and your hometown is so cute. The events there bring out the best of community. Nice job on your svelte witch. The autumn quote is perfect to remind us of the value of change. I’ll look into the Grisham book. I haven’t read anything by him in quite a while, but he is such a good storyteller. Thanks for an inspiring post. I hope you are having a good week!

  6. Nancy, your fall colors are breathtaking! It is so dry here that the leaves are falling before they get a chance to put on a show. The clam bake looks like so much fun, and your hydrangeas are beautiful with that deep rose color. Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend!

  7. I love the brilliance of color and al the energy your put into your full life. I love that you return to Edinboro for your homecoming. It looks like a charming town. So much color! And I love your art projects with friends. Beautiful photos!

  8. How fun to paint witches with friends! A shared experience, but individualized creations. I love all the gorgeous photos in this post. Thanks for sharing all of it with us!

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