Tuesday Tidbits #197 Are You Ready For Halloween?

Happy Halloween!

Some witches brew anyone?

Can you believe we are near the end of October? I can’t believe how fast October went! But it’s not over yet… have you carved your pumpkins? Decorated your home with pumpkins galore? Had Pumpkin Spice Everything? Here is a little Halloween Fun for you! Some Halloween Inspiration!

Fall decor at the LakeHouse.
My Fall Bulletin Board when I was a teacher… many years ago!
Can you carve a pumpkin like this?
This is how we carve a pumpkin! 😁
This is easier then carving one…
Or don’t carve one at all!
Better yet… paint some on glassware! See more of these here.
Or paint some on a big board!

Pumpkin Treats!

Pumpkin Pie!
You should try Pumpkin Mousse!
And there’s nothing like Pumpkin cake!

Halloween Outdoors

Pumpkin Walk
Pumpkin Fun on our back patio!
Table set for two outside.

Thank You!

I hope you enjoyed all the Halloween Fun from years gone by.

As I always try to convey… we sure do appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

Wishing all of you a Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2017

48 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #197 Are You Ready For Halloween?

  1. Thanks for the Halloween fun Nancy! I especially like the first photo of the pumpkins stirring the witches brew 😂 The photo of you and your hubbie is adorable! And of course I love love your hand painted pumpkin glasses 🙂 It’s going to be a fun week!

    1. Jenna you know you are my inspiration for painted glasses. Those pumpkins stirring the witches brew are always set up in this area near us in AZ. We love seeing their different vignettes.
      Happy Halloween Jenna! 🎃

  2. Everything looks so festive. Wish I could get into the mood but…..I will
    Just have to adore holiday decor from afar. Hugs . Love and have enjoyed your post today

  3. You are all pumpkined out. I like how you are celebrating Halloween without all the ghouls and grossities I see around here. You are very classy. I love the Witch and the Gunslinger looks from 2017. Many years ago the national rose society, called us to do a survey on rosarians. When the woman asked our occupations Laurie said “Cat Herder” and I said “Gunslinger”. The woman refused to accept those occupations. Laurie was a student and was home herding cats when she wasn’t in classes. I was a certified firearms instructor, but the woman was adamant. After a short standoff, we ended the survey at that point.

    1. Well she was not very kind and needed to get into the spirit of fun attitude.
      Glad you liked our costume from 2017. We may be that again!
      Happy Halloween!

  4. Good morning! I love the round-up of Halloween fun! What grade did you teach? I just know you were an excellent teacher. Pumpkin spice everything for me, it just says October. Before we turn around it will be Christmas! Wishing you a wonderful day and week, my friend 🎃🧡🎃

    1. Good morning to you too dear friend! I was an early childhood teacher for twenty years and I loved every minute of it. It was the best career!
      Thanks for visiting my dear friend!
      Happy Halloween! 🎃

    1. I always decorated my classroom with their art… it was not only beautiful but it saved me money on buying decorations!
      Thanks for enjoying… 😊
      Happy Halloween! 🎃

    1. Oh I agree… however I heard they are set up at Vulture Mine in Wickenburg. It’s an old Ghost Town and done very well!
      Thanks so much for stopping by.
      Happy Halloween! 🎃

    2. Happy Halloween to both of you you. So festive, Nancy. I miss the pumpkin fest too. I have been watching a pumpkin carving series/ contest for a few nights. Ray Villafane is the judge. Kinda nice to see him going on with his energy and creativity.

      1. I miss the pumpkin fest as well. I did hear there is a similar set up at The Vulture Mine Ghost Town in Wickenburg. It’s been brought back to life for tours.
        Thank you for visiting!
        Happy Halloween! 🎃

  5. You have inspired me this morning, Nancy. I enjoyed your round up of some Halloween fun over the years.
    I haven’t had pumpkin cake. It looks very good! I made pumpkin bread last week!
    It is hard to believe it is the end of October!
    I enjoyed all your vignettes.

    1. The witches brew was done at a Fall Festival at Carefree many years ago. Sadly they do not do it anymore.
      Thanks for the visit Kirt! Happy Halloween!🎃

  6. How right you are about October flying by. It seems that gets truer and truer when it comes to time. My October decor has been in place all month and with few changes the same will welcome November.

  7. I LOVE that first picture with the mini house and Pumpkins making a “brew”.
    As for the “Can you carve a pumpkin like this” – I can’t, but my son could and has made some pretty amazing carvings.
    I am drooling at your Pumpkin Mousse recipe and have copied it to try! Also, I must know where you got your stacked pumpkin pillow! Love it!

  8. Nancy, this is such a fun post! I did not know that you were a teacher. My mom taught first grade for almost 40 years. All of those pumpkin deserts look amazing. My daughter is coming home from college this weekend and bringing friends. She asked me if I would put together a small Halloween party. I happily agreed. I guess you are never too old to have fun! Happy Halloween, sweet friend!

    1. Oh, Shannon how fun for you to enjoy Halloween with your daughter and college friends! The Pumpkin Cake is quite delicious if you need a dessert.
      Enjoy the party! Happy Halloween! 🎃

  9. How fun! Since we were out of town for Halloween, we missed the cute goblins out trick or treating, so this was a fun post to read! I adore that big pumpkin with the legs hanging out of its mouth. How clever and cute!

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