Pumpkin Cake Tuesday Tidbits #101

Hello Everyone!

Fall is here and that means Pumpkin Desserts are here.

This rich pumpkin goodness is ooey gooey and delicious! And it’s easy to make too! I change it up by not using heath bits on top but instead butterscotch chips.

Pumpkin Cake!

I make this every pumpkin season. I hope you can give it a try. We love it!

Thank you for stopping in. Its always nice to hear from you!

36 thoughts on “Pumpkin Cake Tuesday Tidbits #101

    1. Why not indeed!
      This is a quick dessert to make and it gives me that pumpkin taste during pumpkin season!
      Happy day to you dear friend!

      1. That’s so funny, Nancy. I do that all the time. Make cakes, cookies, have a piece for me and Bill and give the rest away—otherwise, I eat it! 🙂

    1. So funny you say that… we actual had a piece then gave it away to friends! This was the last piece.
      There was no way we were going to eat this much cake. So yes… we do take out! 😂
      Happy Tuesday to you dear Judy!

    1. Misery loves company! I did that once but to a whole page on a Website I take care of for a Club. Had to build the page all over again.

      This cake is so easy… and delicious too. Hope you make it. Have a lovely day Chris!

  1. This sounds delicious and easy to assemble! Thank you for sharing this tasty fall treat. I hope you’re doing well Nancy. Take good care! ❤️

    1. Sandra… it really is easy. And decadent. Sweet man and I ate two pieces and the rest went to friends and neighbors! We just didn’t need to eat that much.

      Have a great rest of the day to you dear Sandra!

  2. Nancy, this looks and sounds absolutely scrumptious! I adore anything pumpkin! Thanks for sharing. Have a most beautiful week, sweet friend!

  3. Your recipe must take sweetness to a new level! I know I would love it. Now I just have to hope that the canned pumpkin supply chain loosens up!

    1. I have heard that canned pumpkin has been hard to find in some areas. I hope you can find it!
      We enjoyed a few pieces of this cake then gave the rest away to friends and neighbors. We did not need to eat all of this cake! LOL!
      Thanks so much for the visit!

    1. Isn’t that the truth… I love Butterscotch chips as well!
      I hope you give this a try. Tasty!

      Sending prayers for you and yours that Zeta stays far away!

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