Can You Believe It? Tuesday Tidbits #100

Can You Believe this is my 100th post for Tuesday Tidbits? A few more posts and I’ll be able to say I have posted 2 years of Tuesday Tidbits in a row! These all started because of my Dad… he use to print (not on a computer but he would set type and print a Tidbits newspaper!) I was inspired by my Dad!

It was a great week! We got out for a desert ride in the Jeep with several friends!

Beautiful area…but it’s dry! We need rain!

I know we live in the desert… but the desert needs rain too. It has not rained here for months! July, August and September are our Monsoon months when we have big afternoon storms. We did not have a monsoon season… the last rain we had was in May. As a result the ground is extremely dry.

Wild Burros looking for water.

Free range cattle can be found as you cross the desert… they eat prickly pear cactus when they can’t find water.

Horses graze as well… we were pretty sure this beauty was not wild as we were close to a ranch.

As we drive along… the landscape is incredible!

Huge vistas!
Small Hillsides!

As you all know… even in the middle of the desert there can be an amazing OASIS!

Entrance to Castle Hot Springs!

Castle Hot Springs Resort is found in the middle of the desert. It’s a historical and luxurious resort that was popular in the 1900’s where the Vanderbilts, Astor’s, and the Wrigley’s stayed. John F. Kennedy also loved this place because of its Hot Springs! However, it fell to disrepair and was closed for many, many years. But a Phoenix couple Cindy and Mike Watts bought the property in 2014 and have brought it back to what it was when it was built in 1896.

Stay here in luxury!

Booking the historical cottage where the Roosevelts and the Rockefeller’s once stayed will cost you about $1900.00 per night for 6. The Sky View Cabin is $1,000 per night. And the Bungalows are about $1,000 per night as well.

When we drove by… the place was busy! When I got home I looked up to see if there was room at the Inn… it was booked!

You could be a noble guest here!

It was good to get home after a fabulous ride in the desert…

The moon has been enjoyable to watch not only at night but also during the day. Are you a moon watcher?

Thank you for your visit! I sure do appreciate it!

39 thoughts on “Can You Believe It? Tuesday Tidbits #100

  1. Good morning, Nancy. Congratulations on #100 Tuesday Tidbits! With inspiration from your dad, TT’s are always filled with gorgeous images and interesting info. Wow, no rain for so many months, yet the desert scenery is amazing! The resort looks beautiful, so glad the couple have restored it to its former glory.

    Wishing you a lovely Tuesday, my friend!

    1. It’s always something over here on Tuesdays! 😆
      Good Morning Pam! The desert is dry and so many fires… so sad. We need rain.

      We really enjoy getting out there and enjoying the vast beauty the desert gives us. We never know what we are going to see.

      Thank you so much for your kind words! And wishing you a lovely Tuesday as well! 😊

    1. Good Morning Mr. Mark! My Dad was an amazing man! I’m so glad he taught me how to enjoy life.

      Yes… the desert is dry and we need rain. Thank you for your visit and your concern.

      Enjoy your Tuesday!

      1. I joined the newspaper profession early enough to be sent down from the newsroom to the press room to watch type being set down on pages by hand, Nance, and then run the page proofs back up to the editors. I’ll always have ink in my veins.

      2. Oh Me. Mark… you and I know about that ink running in the veins!
        My Dad and Mom ran a printing shop in Pittsburgh. Actually My Mom ran it during the day while my Dad worked for US Steel. He taught her how to set type. And at night he would do the bigger jobs. Then when he retired… he was a hobby printer. It was then he started the Tidbits newsletter once a month. Gosh I miss him!
        Thank you for jogging my memories!

      3. I’m honored to hear about this great family history, Nance. When I worked at the big daily, I would walk people that came to see me for newsroom business right to the press wing and tell them to breathe in deeply. I’d ask, ‘Smell that? That’s the ink! Isn’t it great!’ And they’d all smile and shake their heads yes.

      4. That’s so good to hear Mark. I’m so glad to hear how much it meant to so many. That ink… is forever in my heart! And yours too! ❤️

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed!
      Although there are no actual palm trees in the Sonoran desert. Only the ones planted. And can you believe these have been here since the early 1900’s!

      Thank you for the visit, Judy. Enjoy your Tuesday!

  2. Congrats on your 100th Tidbit post. The desert is indeed scary dry. There is even talk that many saguaro’s won’t last if the lack of a monsoon season continues. Water = life!
    Glad to see you back out exploring the hinterland. Have you guys been to Horseshoe Reservoir? We’d love to check it out sometime. We’ve been to Bartlett Res.

    1. Welcome Back and Thank you! And yes… scary dry is the best way to describe it right now. Too many fires all around.

      We have not been to Horseshoe Reservoir. Would love to check it out as well!

      Take care and once again Welcome Back! Shoot me a text when you are all settled. Happy Tuesday!

  3. Congrats on reaching 100 posts! Over at my blog that would call for a cake to celebrate. I love all the wild animals on this Tuesdays post! Oh, and yes, I am a moon watcher. My husband and I were out for a walk last night and remarked on the beautiful cresent moon that was out.

    1. The night sky has been incredible! We are enjoying all the planets and that crescent moon was lovely last night!

      Enjoy the rest of your day!

  4. Congratulations, Nancy, on your 100th Tuesday Tidbit 🙂 Time flies when you’re having fun and I’m sure your readers are well aware of all the fun you’ve had continuing the Tuesday Tidbits journey started by your father so many years ago. (I hope I remember that correctly.) As usual, love your photography and following alone as you explore your fabulous backyard.

  5. Hi Nancy! Happy Tuesday to you my friend. I was so happy to learn that your Tuesday tradition was inspired by your type-setter Dad. That’s so cool! What a gift to share with you and you in turn honor your dad in such a sweet way. Thank you for sharing the sights and happenings out your way. I do hope all those adorable creatures get the rain they need. Wish I could round up some rain clouds for us all. You take good care.

    1. Thank you Sandra! My Dad was amazing! So to honor him is what I am meant to do.
      I know you are feeling the same about rain!
      Thank you for the love!
      Happy Tuesday!

  6. Your day car excursions with friends sound like so much fun Nancy! I love seeing the scenery and the cacti in your beautiful area! Oh those poor cows who have to eat a prickly pear cactus when they can’t find water! Ouch 🙂 Love the photo of the day moon! Enjoy your weekend,

    1. We love our rides into the desert… actually anywhere!

      We had a great desert day! I’m so glad you came along!

      Happy Day to You… Jenna! 🙂

  7. Congratulations! That is quite a mile marker! I haven’t read your blog for that long, but I have certainly enjoyed it since I started reading it.
    In northern NM we have been praying for rain, and it seems that tonight and tomorrow we will have our prayers answered in the form of rain and snow.
    I love donkeys so it was fun to see your photos of wild burros. When I have an extra $1000, I’ll have to zip right out to that resort. I went to Vanderbilt University and that seems to be as close as I will get to living like a Vanderbilt. 😜

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