A Much Better Week! Tuesday Tidbits #99

Hello and Welcome In! A better week was had. Thank you to everyone for being concerned for us last week. We sure do appreciate it. All is well.

It was a good week to get out. We went to a lovely area called Camp Verde to do some antiquing and search for some color on the trees. This town is situated in the Verde River Valley along the Verde River in Arizona. Verde means green in Spanish. And as you can see this Valley is definitely green! It is surrounded by the Black Hills Mountain Range, Prescott National Forest, and the Mogollon Rim.

We did find some color on the trees. I think it is still a bit early in this area.

But we did find out that Camp Verde is well known for Pecans! There were many Pecan farms but one stood out to us and that was Summer Place Pecan Farm. Back in 1977 a man by the name of Dr. Tinlin took a chance and planted lots of Pecan trees. And found out that Camp Verde in the Verde River Valley had the perfect climate for growing Pecans.

You can visit the farm and stroll through the grove of Pecan Trees. They were not open when we stopped but it’s definitely a place I would enjoy visiting again!

We left the Pecans and headed into town to one of my most favorite Antique Stores called Sweet Pea Antiques. We always seem to buy something in this store every time we go. I’ll be sharing in a later post the new picture that will hang over our mantel and a few vintage treasures that will be added to our decor soon.

Before we entered another antique store… look what we saw! A Chevy Station Wagon… looks like a ‘63. 💚

Isnt this a beauty!

The week continued to be wonderful. I have been walking in the cool of the mornings. There have been some lovely sunrises but this one was my favorite because of the church in the background.

And a morning never goes by without seeing a hot air balloon. If the wind is right… they will be up there.

Here are a few preparing to go for a Sunrise ride.

They are always fun to see. I went up in one several years ago. You can read all about it here. My hot air balloon ride was in one of the largest baskets in the nation which meant we had a lot of people on board!

Oh and I can’t end this post without mentioning that I won a Give Away from a wonderful blog I follow. Mary from Home Is Where the Boat Is has a spectacular She Shed/Potting Shed and a beautiful blog. Her Potting Shed was Miss October in a She Shed Calendar! She gave a few calendars away and I was one of the lucky winners! (And it’s because of Mary and her Shed that I have always wanted my very own!)

Mary’s Potting Shed is on the Cover! Hers is on the bottom to the right.
Opened to Miss October! Mary’s Potting Shed!

If you all have been following me… you know I have a She Shed that sweet man built for me. It is a potting Shed and a Storage Shed. Mine has a Southwestern Motif. After all… we live in the Arizona Sonoran Desert!

Come see the inside! Where I am very proud to hang the She Shed Calendar!

Yes, that’s my CowGirl Hat as you enter!
Lots of Bright Colors!
The She Shed Calendar hangs proudly! The rest of 2020 is displayed now. Mary’s She Shed is featured here again!

I enjoy tablescapes and of course there’s a small table set for two !

My hand painted Sunflower glasses go perfect with the setting.

Thank you so much for touring my She Shed!

And thank you Mary for the calendar! I hope you can head over to see her Potting Shed all decked out for Autumn here. You will not be disappointed!

Thanks for reading along… I appreciate it! Do you have a She Shed? A Man Cave? Have you ever ridden in a Hot Air Balloon?

That’s me getting ready to go up in this huge balloon!

Thanks for the visit!

46 thoughts on “A Much Better Week! Tuesday Tidbits #99

    1. The hot air balloon was on my bucket list. It was something else!
      And yes… Mary has an amazing blog. Full of beautiful tutorials, recipes, floral arrangements and tablescapes. Oh and Boat rides with her two little dogs and husband. I sure hope you check out her amazing photography.
      Thank you for you lovely words, Judy! Have a great week and Happy Tuesday!

  1. Nancy, what a fun-filled post. Your adventures are always entertaining and interesting. Pecan trees are all around us,we should have planted some a few years ago, but we didn’t! It seems every dessert I make calls for pecans. That car is a beauty for sure! Your sunrise walk offers photo opps and what a glorious sunrise to capture. Congrats on winning the calendar. I love your she shed with its Southwest vibe!

    I am so glad your week was better, my friend. Have a lovely day!

    1. Oh Pam it sure was. It was a fun filled week for sure. And I was so excited to win her calendar. I’m going to send her an email letting her know.

      Thank you for enjoying my Southwest She Shed! 🤗

      Happy Tuesday to you and enjoy your week!

  2. Nancy, thank you for another fun Tuesday Tidbit. So happy you had a good week. Your sunrise photo took my breath away! Thanks for the tour of your adorable she shed! I don’t have a she shed but my husband has a man cave. I’ve never ridden in a hot air balloon but my brother has been involved with the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta for many years. One of these years I will go.

    1. Good Morning Beth!
      This year it was canceled! Albuquerque had to be devastated. Although I heard from my friend Tim that quite a few of the locals flew in memory!

      Thanks for stopping into the She Shed! It’s got Southwest Flare and definitely the way I like it.

      Have a most beautiful week my friend.

      1. Nancy, my brother was devastated when they announced it was cancelled. His wife is a pilot and he volunteers every year. They were able to have a few balloons flying for a Balloon Fall Fest this weekend.

  3. Beautiful photos. That’s the coolest “She Shed” ever. Ballooning fun. Are there going to be aerial photos? That Chevy station wagon looks like peppermint.

    1. Tim… I love my She Shed! Lots of Southwest ones going on for sure. Thank you for enjoying it.

      And yes the Chevy was sweet… just like peppermint candy!

      Happy Tuesday Tim. Have a fabulous week!

  4. What a wonderful she shed you have: admirable!
    As to Camp Verde and the area: you know that we hope to be able to get back there some time. Last time was way to short, and now, thanks to all your writing, we know where to go. Well I might not take my wife to an antiques store unless I bring our trailer! 😀
    Have a wonderful week, and stay well,

    1. Oh she would love this antique store in Camp Verde. I’ve been to many antique stores and this one is done tastefully and stocked well!

      Thanks for liking my She Shed … it’s definitely what I wanted. But it does get packed with lots when it’s time to store things. And I have enjoyed potting in there as well.

      Take care Pit! Have a fabulous week.

    1. Thank you Dawn! It was fun! Wherever you decide to do it… try to do it close by to you. Balloon pilots cancel quickly due to wind. I had a friend who went to Sedona… had a hotel room and hers was canceled. Mine was canceled as well but all I had to do was reschedule the balloon and go back home.

      Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Oh, how sweet is your She Shed, Nancy! It smiles with joy! It should’ve been in that calendar!

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

  6. Nancy, I’m so happy to hear that things are going better this week. That photo of the sunrise is absolutely stunning! I always love the photos you capture on your walks. Take care, sweet friend!

  7. I’m so glad you’ve had a better week! Your photos are beautiful! And I just love your she shed! I could stay in there all day! I can’t wait to see what you got at the antique store. I miss antique and thrift shopping. I really need to get back out there!

    1. Thank you Chris!
      I’m so happy you stopped by to see my She Shed and you enjoyed it too.
      Thank you!
      Have a fabulous week, Chris!

  8. What gorgeous scenery Nancy! The sunset, the vista, hot air balloons…! Your She Shed is wonderful, I love your chandy and I have electricity envy. 🙂 Love your cupboard and the room for all your collections and table too. Thank you for the shout out and sweet words. So honored the calendar has a place of honor on the wall of your shed. ♥

    1. I am so honored to have it hanging in my She Shed and so pleased that you got to see it here in this post!

      Thank you for your kind words dear friend! Stay safe … and Happy Tuesday!

  9. This is such a fun post Nancy! So many beautiful pictures and ideas. That station wagon, the beautiful sunrise, your awesome she shed and even a prize! This week is off to I great start it seems. You deserve it! Take good care friend!

    1. Oh Sandra it was a better week! Thank the good Lord!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post! And my she shed… it’s a love… That my love built for me!
      Have a wonderful week Sandra!

  10. What a delightful she shed! I do not have one, probably never will, and I have never been in a hot air balloon – maybe one day… 🙂

  11. What a fun post Nancy! First of all, I had no idea pecans grew in Arizona! We have a ton of pecan farms in South Alabama and I do love pecans! Also, the vintage station wagon is fabulous, I am crazy for old cars, I must get that from my Dad, when I was growing up he restored a 1936 ford that didn’t even have windows. Congrats on winning the She Shed calendar, and I have seen your She Shed from outside, but this is the first time I’ve been in, it is darling! I love all the bright colors, your cowgirl hat and of course your sunflower table with your handpainted sunflower glasses 🙂 I am sorry you’ve had a rough patch lately, but I can tell by your happy post things must be better now!

    1. Oh Jenna… how about those sunflower glasses. I did those on a whim and thought of you the whole time. I kept saying… now Jenna would love seeing me painting these! Lol!
      I love old cars too. My brother is building a hot rod and am looking forward to the day it’s complete. He is building it from the axle!
      Glad you saw the inside of the she shed/ storage shed! I love it!
      Take care sweet Jenna… have a good week!

    1. Oh I’m giggling! She probably was wondering what the heck??

      Looking forward to your return! And yes Camp Verde is filled with Pecan Trees… who knew?!?

  12. Nancy, what a fun post! Thank you for taking us with you on you trip – looks like it was so enjoyable. How great that you won Mary’s calendar, and that it’s hanging in your own she shed. : ) My Little French Garden House will go back to being a shed instead of a shipping house soon, until then I’m enjoying yours. Wishing you a blessed week! Xo Lidy

    1. Hello Lidy! Thank you so much for your visit. It was so good to hear from you. And yes… I was quite pleased to win the She Shed Calendar from Mary!
      Thank you for enjoying my she shed!
      Happy day to you!

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