A Simple Thanksgiving Dessert

Even if you do not serve this at your Thanksgiving Feast… it’s a perfect dessert to serve during Pumpkin Spice Season! It’s light and refreshing.



Here in the Arizona desert it’s still quite warm. It’s 88 degrees today. So this is the perfect dessert for a treat outside served at our outside bar.

It’s so easy to make. Serve it in a pretty parfait glass and you have a delight to the eye.

I swapped out the Hand Painted Pumpkin Wine Glass for a cute Owl Coffee Mug… then why not have this for breakfast? 😃


It simple and oh so DELICIOUS!

Hope you can pin the recipe or screenshot it. I hope you try it.

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53 thoughts on “A Simple Thanksgiving Dessert

  1. Looks so Yummo, I think I could taste it right now..lovely tablescapes also…I truly adore those hand painted wine glasses. You are just kne talented lady…xoxoxo

    1. Sweet Man built our outdoor bar and it’s the perfect place to sit and have an afternoon meal… or dessert!

      Home Goods had these plates on 50% off… ! Christmas has taken over.

      Thank you for the visit!

    1. Perfect for our beautiful Arizona Temps!

      And it can be an added dessert to those big Thanksgiving Feasts!

      It was great seeing you and Al the other night. We will do it again soon. 🙂

    1. Setting a lovely table makes everything feel special. And this dessert even though it was easy to make… it’s elegant and special if served in a Parfait glass with lovely dishes from Home Goods. Which all were 50% off!

      Thanks so much for stopping by. There’s more Pumpkin Mousse if you wish for some. 🙂

      1. This one looks so good, I definitely will give a try. I love pumpkin. I’m inspired, Nancy, I need to add some fall colors like yours to my dish collections.

  2. Hello Nancy, the pumpkin creamy dessert looks so yummy. Easy peasy dessert to make. Love the sweet vignette. Happy November. Feel free to share at my link party today. Starts Pacific time at noon. A perfect little dessert for Thanksgiving.

    1. I will! Thank You Linda for taking the time to comment. We are all so busy now a days because of the Holidays. I appreciate it. Happy Sunday!

    1. Thank you Jenna. It’s been a beautiful Fall here in the desert.
      This is a refreshing dessert on a warm day but can also be perfect as a side on Thanksgiving.
      Thank you for the visit!

  3. This sounds wonderful. I am not a pumpkin pie fan. I think it is the texture and the strong pumpkin taste. I do like the idea of the cream cheese, which I love. I will have to try it this week!! I bet it would work in a graham cracker crust, too!! Love your fall plates!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I bet it would work in a graham cracker crust. Go light on the Pumpkin Spice and then you have less of that taste.

      The plates were a steal for 50% off at Home Goods!

      Thank you for enjoying!

      1. Thanks for reminding me to light on the pumpkin spice!! I was looking at Christmas dishes at Home Goods the other day now that we have a house and room!! I passed at this time but who knows!

  4. this looks absolutely phenomenal!!! I don’t know that I’ve had pumpkin mousse like this- but anything pumpkin, and anything mousse, I’m all about!! Thanks for sharing, Nancy 🙂

  5. This looks amazing – and so pretty the way you styled it. Thanks for linking up to Best of the Weekend. You were one of my features this week! I will also be pinning and sharing on Instagram stories this weekend. Thanks again for joining us and have a great weekend!

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