Tuesday Tidbits #111 We’re Ready!

Welcome 2021!

It was great to bring in the new year with a hike! We were in the high desert and it was a chilly start.

I’m not going to write about new year resolutions. They are often hard to keep. For me it’s all about gratitude and hope! And showing the New Year we are ready to tackle it head on!

Bring on the Vaccine! Let’s hope that the “higher ups” get better at making sure everyone gets it.

Our Peace Rose bloomed on the first day of January… such perfect wonderful hope!

Packing up all the Christmas Decor made for a clean fresh start for the new year. An uncluttered space makes me feel at ease.

I did keep the Christmas glow with candles and the twinkle lights in our ficus tree. A cozy, hygge feel is comfortable and serene.

Thankful for our good health and wishing to keep it that way and staying on the road to staying safe! Because of our well being we are both pleased that we can get out and explore the areas around us. It’s such a thrill to see these amAZing Arizona views!

Petroglyphs are an added bonus!

Out here in the Wild, Wild West… We’re ready!

We’re ready to give 2021 a “nod!” This Cowgirl is nodding her head… that’s Rodeo talk for “open the gate!” Let’s open the gate with high hopes to 2021!