Tuesday Tidbits #113 A Happy Birthday

Hello! Another Tuesday is upon us.

It was a special week over here at Two Trails One Road as it was Sweet Man’s Birthday!

We enjoyed his special day on the Golf Course.

…and yes, he did make the putt!

And can you believe this…

I had to stop at one of the holes to get a shot of all the horses close by. We golfed at a resort and these were all their horses for the guests to go horseback riding on.

Lunch out at the Golf Club made for a lovely ending to our day out on the course.

A lovely place to dine inside as everyone was still outside golfing or riding horses. Social distancing at its best!

When we got home… Sweet Man found us a new little friend! He was so excited for me to come out into our backyard and see this little owl who stopped by for a visit!

The cutest little Western Screech Owl.
He was adorable and only about 9 inches big.

He did enjoy hanging out in our roof over hang. However, we still are waiting for him to Screech!

The day even got more special as that evening we saw a spectacular sunset… Arizona Sunsets never disappoint. This sunset quickly changed in front and in back of us!

Behind us.
In front of us.

Then incredibly… the whole sky turned into a blaze! It looked like it was on fire! Spectacular!

A beautiful Birthday Sunset for Sweet Man!

Thank you for stopping in for a visit. We enjoyed a better week and so happy we could share it with you!