Tuesday Tidbits #28

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Don’t you just love Waterfalls!

On our many travels we have seen many waterfalls.

First off…

we are blessed with a Community Park in our town center that has several beautiful falls.

The famous Niagara Falls are a sight to behold!

Below we see the American falls flowing but viewed from Canada. Rainbows happen quite often at Niagara Falls.

These are the Canadian Falls viewed from Canada.

These Falls are truly a sight to see!

When living in Ohio I would often visit Brandywine Falls.

If you visit Sammamish, Washington please make sure to visit Snoqualmie Falls that are near by.

Our travels to the Hawaiian Islands gave us many beautiful falls!

The Opaekaa Falls

Rainbow Falls at Hilo

And the magnificent Waimea Canyon of Kauai had its very own Falls as well.

When viewing waterfalls I get a sense of calm and tranquility. Even when they are roaring over the rocks. It’s a peacefulness…

I would love to hear about the Waterfalls you have seen. I’d appreciate if you would share with me your Falls stories in your comments.

Thank you for visiting!

Until Next Time~ Nancy