Tuesday Tidbits #72 Making Face Masks


I can’t even believe I made Face Masks. One, because I have not sewn since college… which was many moons ago. And two, it’s so surreal that we are being told to wear face masks. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this Pandemic would occur.

I wore one today as I had to go to the post office… I’ll tell you why I went there, shortly.

There are all kinds of tutorials out there. I used this Tutorial by Erica Arndt. I later adapted it to make it easier and to use less thread. I was using materials I had in my home already. I even had elastic! But only two spools of thread… and they were low.

I had fabric on hand as I use it to make table runners for the dining room table.

My daughter in luv’s sister works at a Veterinarians Office. They need face masks as they are donating their “real” PPE to local hospitals. So I made her some. And that’s why I went to the post office. I mailed the face masks to her.

Crazy times brought out a sewing machine we had out in the garage. Sweet man found it at a garage sale… thinking I might want to sew something one day. Well, it sure came in handy! And I ended up enjoying the whole process of sewing again. I learned how to sew back in high school with 3 years of Home Economics. I sewed my Prom Dress and for my Senior Final for Home Economics… I had to make a plaid suit… with lining and the plaid had to match! I got an A! However, after that I sewed a few more times. And that was it!

I’m not showing you these closely …as I am still quite RUSTY! But I may make a few more once I get more thread. Then after that… I may start sewing again. What? I don’t know. But …I started sewing again!

Thank you for following along. Sending all of you well wishes to please stay safe and stay healthy! Prayers continue!