Tuesday Tidbits #72 Making Face Masks


I can’t even believe I made Face Masks. One, because I have not sewn since college… which was many moons ago. And two, it’s so surreal that we are being told to wear face masks. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this Pandemic would occur.

I wore one today as I had to go to the post office… I’ll tell you why I went there, shortly.

There are all kinds of tutorials out there. I used this Tutorial by Erica Arndt. I later adapted it to make it easier and to use less thread. I was using materials I had in my home already. I even had elastic! But only two spools of thread… and they were low.

I had fabric on hand as I use it to make table runners for the dining room table.

My daughter in luv’s sister works at a Veterinarians Office. They need face masks as they are donating their “real” PPE to local hospitals. So I made her some. And that’s why I went to the post office. I mailed the face masks to her.

Crazy times brought out a sewing machine we had out in the garage. Sweet man found it at a garage sale… thinking I might want to sew something one day. Well, it sure came in handy! And I ended up enjoying the whole process of sewing again. I learned how to sew back in high school with 3 years of Home Economics. I sewed my Prom Dress and for my Senior Final for Home Economics… I had to make a plaid suit… with lining and the plaid had to match! I got an A! However, after that I sewed a few more times. And that was it!

I’m not showing you these closely …as I am still quite RUSTY! But I may make a few more once I get more thread. Then after that… I may start sewing again. What? I don’t know. But …I started sewing again!

Thank you for following along. Sending all of you well wishes to please stay safe and stay healthy! Prayers continue!

39 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #72 Making Face Masks

  1. I had some material leftover from some cosplay costumes I made (learned sewing in high school and still use that same sewing machine!) and made three. That’s all the material I had. Not going to model them though LOL

    1. They looked great on our dining room table!
      Glad I took those classes in high school. Felt the need to help in some way.

      Thanks for the love! Stay well!

  2. Nancy, how I wish I could sew. It is so kind of you to make those face masks to help others. I know they were deeply appreciated. Take care, and stay well sweet friend!

  3. Very fashionable. Your daughter will appreciate your masks. When I take the kitties to the vet, I have to call when I get there, they send out a face masked, gloved tech with paperwork for me to sign and then she collects the kitties. I leave so the vet can take as much time as she needs with them. When they are done they email or call me and I go pick up the kitties.

    We finally found the stash of face masks I knew I had but they were not where I normally had them. I had looked all over for them, gave up, and decided I must have used them up gardening. Laurie reached under the sink yesterday to get a box of lens wipes and pulled out a box of face masks, instead. She had moved the face masks under the sink with lens wipes to make room where I had face masks for something else.

    1. I’m so happy she found them! And so happy that everyone, including your Vet, are refiguring out how to still do their job but without all the social contact!

      We will get through this! Stay well!

  4. Good morning my friend. I love the sweet fabric that you had on hand to sew the masks. You look lovely modeling your creation. I never dreamed any of this could happen!

    I must tell you about my sewing skills. My 7th grade year in junior high school, we were given the option for elective classes that would change every six weeks. I decided my first one would be sewing. The goal was to make an apron…I can’t remember ever struggling in a class like this one. I finally finished the apron and sewing. I have never tried again, I think I had a poor instructor 🤣

    Wishing you a lovely Tuesday as you shelter!♥️

    1. Oh I loved that story! I bet you wore that Apron with pride, right? My Mom sewed a lot! She had an old, old Singer sewing machine. And that is what I used. It worked very well and I sewed in the kitchen. (The kitchen at the LakeHouse!) I cut out that plaid fabric on the oak kitchen table that we still use at the LakeHouse!
      I felt so weird putting that mask on… but was so happy to have it when I had to go into the post office. I even had a young gal compliment me on my mask. She could not see my smile! But she heard me say thank you.

      Stay safe and we will get through this! Hugs!

  5. Those are cute, and will be so useful. I think I might have to be in the bandanna crowd as I don’t know how to sew, have no fabric, and the machine is in storage. Lol. Oh wait…I don’t own a bandanna either.

    1. A dish towel will work… and I bet you are hunkered down in a beautiful area away from everyone! Hugs! Stay well my friend.

    1. I just needed to do something! Crazy times!

      Your beautiful watercolors, my sewing for others and doing what makes others smile. This is the silver lining of this crisis.

      Thank you for the love! Stay well!

  6. Love’em … very creative. Although I haven’t pulled out the sewing machine to make any masks myself, I have thought about it. I’m trying to be optimistic and hoping this’ll be over by the end of the month. Great job!

    1. I thought of you several times… while stitching away! It was good to get it out and do good with it.

      I’ll share with you if I do anything more… but I need thread and I really don’t want to look for it right now.

      Sending lots of hugs your way. Stay safe my dear friend.

  7. Good for you, Nancy. We ended up getting some from an Etsy site….I applaud your accomplishment…very important especially in places like here in Los Angeles where population is so dense!!

    1. Extremely important where you are Kirt.

      Extremely important because of these crazy times. Thank you for enjoying my sewing accomplishments!
      Stay well my friend! 🙏🏻

  8. Nice job and pretty fabrics! I too made a couple of face masks. Wore one to the grocery store today. I was in Vogue, as there were more people with than without masks. Can not say I enjoyed it, but doing what is thought best at the moment. Stay healthy!

    1. I hear ya! We have to do what is best for all of us! Thanks so much for enjoying my post and taking time to share your kind words with me.
      Stay well!

  9. That’s a fun and impressive project! We used batik masks these days, handmade as well, but not by me. LOL I wish I could sew well. Yours are looking good, they can be made to match our dress 🙂

  10. Love the masks! Great job! Our daughter got her sewing machines after not sewing for awhile. Luckily, she had material and elastic. Thank goodness our house came with masks!! Who knew that one day we need them for something other than painting. We are so blessed to have found such a perfect home fully furnished and supplied. John found six masks for us to use. So far I am the only one going into the grocery store so we have only needed one. We were able to send our son one in two day mail since the mayor of LA said masks were needed and stores could refuse people who didn’t have masks if they wanted. So we are set and hoping things end soon. Take care!

    1. We are still seeing people not wearing masks out here?!? Sometimes I really wonder why these people don’t listen to CDC guidelines?

      Glad you are home and doing well. Stay safe!

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