Happy Mother’s Day! Let’s Go to Maui!

Happy Mother’s Day to All! So how about a trip to Maui!

You will enjoy Maui. It has a true island feel to it …Along with lots of vegetation changes. With the above capture we are at sea level. Gorgeous! However, we can’t stay we need to drive up to 10,300 ft. ! Grab a jacket you’re going to need it!

Lush, green mountains and the beautiful sea surround us for about an hour.

The ocean becomes a distant memory as we ascend.

Our GPS shows us that we are in for a ride! Constant curves and turns though green fields at first.

Then trees line our drive.

22 miles of more winding road until we get to Haleakala Crater. (This volcano is dormant unlike the one that is causing problems on the big island.)

As we continue to climb …Once again the vegetation changes.

Lava lined hills on either side of us.

The volcano is in our sight!

There were plenty of craters within the crater.

Don’t Jump!

These plants were everywhere.

These plants are called Silversword and grow tall. They are striking as they appear silver on the dark landscape. They are an endangered species.

Of course a selfie has to be taken!

The views were stunning to say the least! It was windy and cold so the descent begins. Back down the curved roads, through the changing vegetation and then a stop along the way to see some beautiful gardens.

Of course we need to try some Maui Craft Beer while we view the majestic gardens.

Avocados that are huge!

We believe these are smaller ones… ??

It’s not long until we reach the Maui Beaches.

We return our rental and our shuttle takes us back to the harbor.

This is one very large tree… a Banyan Tree. It covers the entire park area.

The line for the tender boats is crazy long so I decide I have not tried a Mai Tai yet! So off we go to watch the people stand and wait while we sit and relax.

The Mai Tai was good but a bit too sweet for me. I can say I tried one!

Here is our tender and back to the ship we go! It’s been a long but fabulous day!

Good bye to Maui… we really enjoyed your Island feel!

I sure hope you enjoyed your get away to Maui for Mother’s Day! May you all enjoy the rest of your day being pampered!

Next stop… Kauai!

Until Next Time ~Nancy