First Stop on Our Get Away

Easter Sunday we headed to Utah.

Our first stop was just North of Flagstaff, AZ.

This is the mountain you see as you travel near Flagstaff, AZ.

Arches and Bryce 003
Humphreys Peak

We stopped here at

Arches and Bryce 021

We were amazed by the lava flow.

It went on for miles and miles as we drove towards the volcano.

Arches and Bryce 005

Arches and Bryce 006

Arches and Bryce 010

Then we got to the volcano called Sunset Crater.

Arches and Bryce 018It is one of the youngest volcanoes in the U.S. and it erupted sometime bewtween 1080 -1150 AD.

Read all about Sunset Crater Volcano here.

After looking around we headed out of the park and we entered the

Wupatki National Monument.

The ancient Pueblo people had many settlement sites in this area. We stopped at a few.  The first was Wukoki Pueblo Ruin.

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 115
Wukoki Pueblo Ruins
IphoneMarch-midApril2015 116
Inside Wukoki Ruin.

IphoneMarch-midApril2015 117IphoneMarch-midApril2015 118

Down the road a bit is The Citadel Ruin.

Arches and Bryce 042

Arches and Bryce 043
Here you are able to see they used lava rock as well for the walls.

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Until Next Time  ~Nancy