Tuesday Tidbits #65 The Road to Arivaca

Have I ever told you how much I enjoy being retired? I love it! I loved being a teacher but I love being retired even more! Because I am able to come and go! And that’s exactly what we do! We love to EXPLORE. And living in this beautiful state of Arizona is the perfect place to EXPLORE because of all the incredible Sights!


We just got back from a fabulous adventure of EXPLORING …that Sweet Man put together with some of our friends. When we Jeep in the desert we like to go with others. The more the merrier but also because there is Safety in numbers. We have seen some spectacular sights with these fun friends!

We traveled south of Tucson and met up in the cute little town of Tubac. If you have never been…try to go to Tubac… it’s full of art galleries, boutiques and the famous restaurant Elviras! Elviras is a lovely place with great food! And they’re famous for their .50 cent tequila shot! (One per customer.) I searched high and low in my my archives but only found this collage of having lunch at Elviras with friends.

How about all those beautiful icicle lights hanging from the ceiling of Elviras! It’s even better in person!

When the Wagons all gathered (meaning when our friends all came together) we started our Adventure! We headed for “The Road to Arivaca” which is better known as Ruby Road. It was named that because of the once popular Ruby Mine that is located on this road. Ruby Mine is now a Ghost Town.

Ruby Road which is mostly unpaved is 56 miles south of Tucson in the Pajarito Mountains of the Coronado National Forest. Beautiful rolling hills are in your view as you travel this winding road. I could just imagine how the ole westerns were made in some areas like this!

The Rolling hills of the Pajarito Mountains.
Ruby Road

The total loop is about 55 miles and takes about 2-3 hours depending on how often you stop. There is beautiful scenery around every bend.

In no time we came to Peña Blanca Lake. A beautiful reservoir built in 1957.

A pretty area to fish.

The following picture is of our fun friends who chose to do the ride with us!

This sign did not discourage us. We felt quite safe.

We saw Border Patrol often.

There is a Ghost town called Ruby. We stopped by and took a look. We have been to several Ghost towns and this one was definitely not worth the $15 per person to see it. The caretaker never approached us or asked us if we wanted to tour. Thank goodness we did not buy tickets online beforehand! Seeing this truck made the quick peek worth it. But back on the road we went… thank goodness!

The ride was beautiful! And we highly recommend it!

When we were done we headed to our Bed and Breakfast called Amado Territory Inn. We were welcomed with opened arms! The following photo is from my friend Susan.

We loved our stay here. Rooms were large, cute and clean! After the ride we all gathered in their dining room for some munchies that we brought along with us. The Inn Keepers provided wine! How nice was that! Thank you Susan for this photo of our Fun friends!

There was a restaurant next door that everyone highly recommended for lunch and dinner. The following morning a delicious breakfast (which was included for free) was made for us by the Inn Keepers. They served us individually with happy smiles!

After breakfast we headed north to Tucson and went to the famous Tucson Rock and Gem Show.

On the way we saw the moon rising…

I took this with my cell phone at 70 miles an hour.

The Tucson Rock and Gem Show never disappoints!

Thanks to Sweet Man for planning another fabulous ride! We loved it and had so much fun!

And many THANKS to ALL of you for coming along on our amazing Get Away!