Tuesday Tidbits #91 Our Time at Home

Hello friends!

Another week staying at home…

We enjoy our time in our living room.

With Sweet Man’s deer and my Dad’s deer overlooking… we enjoy “home.” My Dad loved that Pine paneling that surrounded the fireplace he built. Of course some of the decor has changed… but the love is still here.

An evening glow…
An up close look at the printer’s tray. It’s filled with our Arizona finds! Plus my Dad was a hobby printer. It has come full circle.

The gardens are doing well! The Hydrangeas are enjoying where they are planted.

I made incredible margherita pizzas this week with our garden ingredients. The basil is doing very well this year.

Who else loves the fragrance of Basil? By the way, my Arizona friends, I can grow Basil here! (I can’t grow it in Arizona.)

Working in the kitchen is easy when surrounded with beloved treasures and flowers. And those peppers came from my son…

Speaking of my son… I made him an arrangement for his mantel.

And of course there was lots of time spent by the lake… I hope you can watch the sweet video. Thanks for the visit and I hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy.