La Jolla Shores

Clear blue green water was like that of the Caribbean. Rough rocky shores made for a beautiful backdrop of gorgeous scenery that reminded me of Normandy, France.

La Jolla of San Diego is a lovely place for ocean breezes, beach strolling, surfing and Seal Watching!

La Jolla Cove is where the Seals and Sea Lions sunbathe. I was wishing I had my larger camera with me to get up close and personal… but decided not to carry it. This iPhone is spoiling me because of its ease.

I am going to apologize ahead of time for some quick movements in the video that follows. I just wanted to make sure you saw the Mom and Baby at the end of the video!

As we left the cove and followed the sidewalk …it set us up for more beach and ocean gazing…

The waves became larger while we gazed at this stunning ocean!

Swimming seals are spotted towards the end of this video. We enjoyed the surfers off in the distance.

Thank you for taking the time to view La Jolla with us. In my next post I will highlight the Mount Soledad Cross and the Veterans War Memorial which will conclude my series on San Diego.

A fun edit using Mix App on my cell phone.