La Jolla Shores

Clear blue green water was like that of the Caribbean. Rough rocky shores made for a beautiful backdrop of gorgeous scenery that reminded me of Normandy, France.

La Jolla of San Diego is a lovely place for ocean breezes, beach strolling, surfing and Seal Watching!

La Jolla Cove is where the Seals and Sea Lions sunbathe. I was wishing I had my larger camera with me to get up close and personal… but decided not to carry it. This iPhone is spoiling me because of its ease.

I am going to apologize ahead of time for some quick movements in the video that follows. I just wanted to make sure you saw the Mom and Baby at the end of the video!

As we left the cove and followed the sidewalk …it set us up for more beach and ocean gazing…

The waves became larger while we gazed at this stunning ocean!

Swimming seals are spotted towards the end of this video. We enjoyed the surfers off in the distance.

Thank you for taking the time to view La Jolla with us. In my next post I will highlight the Mount Soledad Cross and the Veterans War Memorial which will conclude my series on San Diego.

A fun edit using Mix App on my cell phone.

29 thoughts on “La Jolla Shores

  1. Thank you for taking us there, Nancy! Beautiful beach and Sea Lions captures.
    Really enjoy your video. 🙂

    1. The videos add a touch of actually being there. So I am glad you mentioned that! La Jolla was a lovely spot. Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoying the Jolla Shores right along with me.

  2. They are adorable Nancy! Thank you so much for sharing.The surrounding environment is so beautiful as well. You did see a lot of beauty on your trip! I’m starting to crave a road trip 🙂 We are going on a day trip tomorrow, I’ll guess that will have to substitute for now 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. What a beautiful place – the sand, beach, blue sky, ocean and of course the sea lions! Love these animals very much – they are so adorable 🙂 It’s awesome to start my morning looking at pictures of them in the wild and enjoying the sunbathing 🙂

    1. How nice of you to let me know you enjoyed the La Jolla shores! Thank you Indah!

      You need to go visit… it’s a must go destination!

    1. We really enjoyed San Diego! Don’t get me wrong… I love my desert but it’s nice to see the beautiful ocean every once in a while!

  4. It’s great to keep seeing your photography. Have fun capturing video! We’re coming off an early March snowstorm here. The robins are wretched, I’m sure, since they arrived shortly before. It was warming to see the La Jolla scenes.

  5. The Children’s Beach (where the seals are) is one of my favorite places to go. I loved walking out onto the barrier there and dodging the waves and looking at the seals. Lived in the area for almost 28 years. AZ is beautiful also, I grew to love the desert in our frequent visits to Phoenix. Great blog, thanks for the follow.

    1. I am enjoying your blog as well! You write so well.

      To have swimmer with the seals must have been an experience!! The whole San Diego area was gorgeous but we really enjoyed La Jolla!

      Thank you so much for stopping in! I truly appreciate it!

      1. The seals overtook the beach, so no swimming was done there, but, I believe they often refer to it as the Children’s beach. We loved going there at night time to see the waves crash over the barrier.

      2. Yes there was a time when they tried to rid the area of the Seals… but then found out that it ruined the entire ecosystem. So the Seals were brought back and no swimming there today.

  6. Gorgeous photos of La Jolla and the seals. La Jolla truly is my favorite place in the states. Hoping to eventually move there after Los Angeles.

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