Mt. Soledad

A rather special Memorial is found on Mount Soledad in San Diego. It’s called the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial. It’s the only Memorial that honors veterans who are living or deceased.

Anyone can add a plaque for their Veteran. The cost and particulars can be found here Mt. Soledad Memorial.

The cross that was created in 1954 is presently 29 feet tall and is located on top of a 14 ft. platform on top of the Memorial.

The Memorial Plaque walls are round and surround this cross.

The cross has survived many measures from some city fathers who wanted it removed because they thought it was interfering with Church and State laws. It can be seen from afar in La Jolla.

It is a moving Memorial emotionally. I could have read the plaques all day.

Here you can see President Ronald Reagan’s plaque.

It is well taken care of. A veteran is there everyday making sure the area is cleaned and polished.

Since we were on our personal tour of San Diego we had to get moving. We could have spent more time reading the loving tributes to these men and women.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my series on San Diego.

San Diego was on our Bucket List and we plan a return trip perhaps in the Fall.

The architecture, weather, beaches and culture were so enjoyable!

I hope you plan a trip to San Diego! It’s a must see destination!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read!

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22 thoughts on “Mt. Soledad

  1. I bet that San Diego would be very beautiful in the fall. I’ve only visited in the summertime. ..or maybe it’s always summer there? 🙂

    1. You know… I saw deciduous trees so I am pretty sure they have a beautiful Fall there!

      Thanks for visiting my friend!

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you come by again… lots goes on over here. Travel, cooking, photography challenges and relaying in photos the two totally different places I live!

  2. That is a very special memorial allowing people to put plaques. These are awesome photos , Nancy! Thank you for the tour.

  3. Nancy I had not heard of this memorial. It must be so emotional to see all of the plaques. Thank you for taking me up to this beautiful spot in San Diego.

  4. Wow, Nancy. You and RL ferreted out more than I realized was in San Diego. What a great rewarding g trip. Love your pictures as they captured so much. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing


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  5. I adore San Diego. Never been a city dweller, but have always thought if I gave being a city gal a try, it would be in San Diego. You always are introducing me to new places within places I thought I was familiar with. Veterans Memorial is stunning. A lovely post Nancy. Thank you.

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