Friday Fun

I have been spending time with friends painting these rocks.

All of these painted rocks are for The Kids Corner at our Rock and Mineral Club’s

Rock and Gem Show.

I just love those Ninja Turtles!


For Friday Fun… my friends and I are gathering to get all of our

“Rocks in a Row!” for the Show.    🙂

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

34 thoughts on “Friday Fun

    1. Crunchy indeed! They are fun to paint and fun to give away as well.
      Thanks for the good job thoughts… I will let the other two gals know that you loved them!

      1. Oh there are cute ones for gardens. Markers for herbs etc.
        I painted some in the fall to look like jack-o-lanterns and put them out by small cacti! Just by the small paints at a craft store and go at it!

      2. Try river beds as they are naturally polished and somewhat tumbled and rolled. We got all of ours from a desert stream. I personally like flat ones but round ones are great as well. And if worse comes to worse go to your local landscape store. They have the rocks you are looking for.

  1. How much fun is all that? Great looking rocks, kids will love them — I love them. I’m looking forward to photos of the show.

  2. At first, I thought these were candies. lol! I absolutely love these painted rocks, beautiful colors and designs, Nancy! Can’t imagine how much time you have spent

    1. It is! I have also painted small rocks to look like jack-o-lanterns! I put them out by small cacti and it became a small little fall garden area.
      Thank you for coming over for a visit and enjoying our little painted rocks!

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