30 thoughts on “Look Whoooo Came to Visit

    1. Me too! But every once in a while they come out from the shadows and show of their beauty! Thanks for enjoying this handsome guy!

    1. I hope to share a silhouette tomorrow of the hummingbird trying to frighten him away.
      And yes… they can swoop down at you. I had one come close while walking a yellow lab up the street. Not sure if the owl wanted the dog or me!

    1. Believe it or not the local country club hosts a momma owl every year and she nests on the back patio in a large flower pot!

  1. Wow…I think they are beautiful….we had one land on the rail of our deck in San Diego and just peered at us through the slider….I hear them here, but haven’t seen any close up….lucky you!!

  2. Oh….you have captured such a photo. We had owls at 3AM the other morning. I was up and out chasing owl song, but no images to speak of.

    Beautiful Nancy. Thank you for sharing.

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