#Weekend Coffee Share

Hi! If we were having coffee together you would see this cup!

That’s my favorite coffee cup. I have two. One for our place in Arizona and one for the Lake House in Pennsylvania. You see… coffee just tastes best in this coffee cup. Plus,  when I hold this coffee cup,  it just feels right!  I think of my sister when I use this coffee cup, because she gave both cups to me. Oh, I know, I know… it’s a Christmas Coffee Cup.  I use it YEAR ROUND! And I love it!

Good Morning from our Arizona Back Yard…

I am linking up with Diana from Part-Time Monster.

She hosts #WeekendCoffeeShare over at her blog. It’s all about if we were sitting down and chatting over a cup of coffee.

So… how are ya this fine morning?

It is absolutely beautiful here in The Valley of the Sun… aka,  Phoenix, AZ.

The skies are blue 99% of the time and we can chat over coffee out here in the back yard almost every day of the year.


Today  as we chat … we can hear the birds sing. But best of all we are watching the hummingbirds enjoy the nectar from the desert blossoms.

Spring2016 flowers 028 - Copy

The famous Quail march along the wall and we just gaze at them…

We love our beloved Quail!

Owl 051 - Copy

Not too much chatting is actually going on… because we are amazed of the backyard entertainment. So we  just sit, sip our coffee, gaze and once again say… “It’s Another Beautiful Day in Paradise.”  Thank you for coming over and I hope we can chat/gaze over another cup of coffee real soon!

Thank You Diana for hosting this Link Up Party!


Part-TimeMonster Weekend Coffee Share

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

77 thoughts on “#Weekend Coffee Share

  1. I have two favorite coffee cups. One has motorcycles on it that I’ve had since I was 13 or 14 years old racing motorcycles. I currently use that one at the office. The other we got when we got married. They are both one of a kind cups and they have both endured through the years. Nice photos of the hummer and qual.

    1. Thank You!
      There is just something about the feel of the coffee cup but also the story behind the cup! HA HA HA
      Thanks for enjoying our backyard entertainment!

    1. I enjoyed a weekend in Green Valley. I have friend who gad a condo that she rents out. Beautiful birding area! And close by Tupac is so fun!!

  2. What a beautiful day! It’s pretty grey and overcast here in New Orleans right now, which is unfortunate since I’m supposed to be attending a pool party and crawfish boil later today!!

  3. I want to have coffee with you some morning. Love your coffee mug, your surroundings with your quail and hummingbirds. Miss you so.

    1. Soon we will be watching the wrens at the Lake. And your birds swimming in your birdbath!
      And next fall you are coming out here!!!!!!!

  4. I have a set of favorite coffee cups that were a gift from a friend who has passed. When I get one out, I just smile thinking of her. Spring has finally returned here, and I put our hummingbird feeder out. Now, if they just find their way because I do love watching them. Thanks for the invite for coffee. 🙂

    1. I am so glad Spring has Sprung for you!! What a special reminder of your friend when you have coffee.
      And I made another pot so come on over!

  5. Hey, Girlfriend! I love virtually hanging out in your beautiful sunny backyard with you! Today, my backyard in Seattle looks similar to yours (bright blue sunshiny skies) with a lots of greenery dotted with daffodils, lilacs, and wisteria. I’m drinking out of my favorite coffee cup, too. Mine is deep sort of forest green with lavender trim. It’s petite to keep me from over drinking (coffee) and is a gift from my mom.

    I miss the little adorable quail families that used to trot through my backyard in AZ! I hear birds chirping, but am not sure what they are. Maybe Blue Jays?

    I agree with Rhio, your quail photos are stunning!

    1. Hey Girlfriend… what fun we had watching those hummers fly by.
      So you have a special cup as well. I need a mug full and it has to be HOT and it has to be almost full to the brim.
      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your lilacs. I miss those very much!!

  6. I so enjoy your weekend coffee share, Nancy! What a beautiful back yard. hummingbirds and Quail, paradise indeed! 🙂

    1. Well, my dear it was YOU who got me started on this party called #weekendCoffeeShare! I enjoyed sharing coffee with you last weekend. You floral photos were outstanding!

  7. It is interesting how coffee tasted best in certain mugs. I have a favorite mug and use it every morning:) I just love your backyard. The colors are so inviting:)

  8. Love your cup, it is lovely any time of the year. Your backyard is aslo beautiful. We lived in Yuma for awhile. Where we are iving it is hard to feed the birds and I miss doing that. Love the hummingbird and quail. There were quail coming into the apartment area bu not recently. I suspect they have young and won’t see them for awhile. Glad to meet you and Welcome to Coffee share.

  9. Isn’t it funny how we have our favorite cup? I have my very first favorite and then I have my second place runner-up. Last year for Christmas our entire family each selected a mug, wrapped it up, and passed them around during one of our games. Everyone went home with a new mug. I love my new mug it’s become possibly my number two favorite! As it turns out it’s a Winnie the Pooh mug with a picture of Eeyore on it and it has a very unique shape. Everybody loves the game. I think next year we’re going to do socks.

    1. I love it! What a great idea! I have a second favorite as well but… It’s just that… my second favorite. Hugs to you my friend… Still praying!

    1. Thank You! You do know… One day you and I will meet! We are not that far away from each other.
      If ever you are in the area… We could have coffee! And vice versa!

  10. LOVE you so. Ery, very much. Have fun and All will be just fine because I know The Lord will hold you in His hands….xoxoxo9ooo

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      1. Oh Nancy…I am thrilled for you! I believe a visit to Europe should be on every Americans mandatory must do list. I look so forward to seeing your photos and the interesting posts that will be flowing to your marvelous website. Yahoo Nancy…back from Europe! 📮

  11. What a beautiful garden! I miss my cactus garden now that we are living away from the desert – yours is a work of art. Enjoyed our coffee together – thanks so much.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and having coffee. I have to say… I have been away on a cruise so my Thank You is a bit late.

  12. I’m not surprised not to much chatting is going on, what a lovely place to relax, and those hummingbirds, and quails. Oh and the Xmas mug too! All very nice thanks for the coffee share!

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed the back yard photos. I have just returned from a long cruise to Europe. Hope all is well with you.

      1. I thought you might have been on a holiday and I can’t wait to hear all about it. Can you believe Dean and I are almost home now?

  13. Amazing, indeed, Nancy. Living in the Northeast, I so appreciate seeing what you have there. We’re getting nice here in Syracuse now, too, at last! And I can relate to the favorite coffee cup, indeed. It doesn’t matter the theme, just the feeling in the heart and the hands. <3

    1. Hi Mr. Mark!! So glad you popped over to the desert! It took me a while to get back to you as I was on a cruise. Hope all is good with you!

  14. So I am clearly very late for coffee….love the photos and a very cool mug….!!! We, too have been enjoying our back yard and watching the humming birds, quail and various other birds nesting. Just had two morning doves kick a little one out of the nest Saturday….poor thing got as far as the outside ledge of my office window…mom and dad worked for a couple of hours with the you one to get it to fly…finally took off…hope all is well with you on this very windy day!!

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