24 thoughts on “Sunset Love

    1. Thank you for stopping by!

      Ingrid has not only encouraged us to look into our archives but has us posting and meeting new friends!

  1. Wow – you’ve shared some beautiful images here! Monument Valley and the railroad bridge are a couple of my faves. Nice job!

      1. It looked familiar. I noticed it several times going back and forth between Phx and Havasu. I often wanted to stop for a photo-op but the lighting was never good. You done good girl!

    1. Mr. Mark! I am so glad you saw these.
      Now please make sure to sit down with your dear Karen and view a few near you. I am sure you have both seen a plenty already. But it’s always nice to see a few more together! Happy Friday to you!

  2. It’s hard to believe there’s such nature beauty in this (sometimes ugly) world.. ..i’m so happy you caught the moments and shared them.. they say to stop and smell the roses, but we should take the time to watch the sunrise too!

  3. And sunset!.. I remember taking a cruise and we all set our alarms ..to get up to watch the sun rise.. it was well worth losing a few extra hours of sleep

    1. I know… right? Sunsets, in my mind, are always a favorite until the next one.

      Thank you for enjoying the sunsets!

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