Happy 4th!

Are you ready for the 4th?

Do you have your Red, White and Blue out?

Is there going to be a cookout?

Whatever you do… make sure there’s lots of desserts!

If you head out to see fireworks… Have fun and ENJOY!

Cleveland, Ohio Terminal Tower

Happy 4th of July!

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Until Next Time ~Nancy

29 thoughts on “Happy 4th!

  1. We are going to have Kabobs on the grilll, Nance, and then watch the fireworks over the stadium in bag chairs from a view the next street over in our little neighborhood. Ahhhhhhhhhh.
    Happy Fourth to you and Sweet Man.

  2. Happy Independence Day. God Bless America…..land of the free….Enjoy your pics of flags, food and fireworks….That’s what makes the day for sure.

  3. Excellent collection of photographs. I love the bicycle image and actually thought of using the word bicycle as a prompt sometime down the road. We’re hanging with our neighbors today, and I assure you, there’s plenty of dessert to go around. Enjoy your day 😙🥂🍦

    1. Thank you Sweet Sue! It was an fun but very loud 4th! Ha! Ha! Our neighbor shot off at least 1 hour of very large fireworks. 😳

      Oh by the way… In my last post I mentioned your Couples Tips Post!

      Have a fabulous rest to your weekend.

  4. Awesome photos, Nancy! Is that first cottage your house on the lake? Our 4th got rained out for fireworks. We haven’t had rain in forever here but it started around 6:30 and rained til late. Tonight will be fireworks 4th!

  5. Wonderful, wonderful photos in this post. I hope your 4th of July was memorable. We grilled some salmon at home, that we ate with herbs& veggies from the garden. For desert we had cinnamon rolls. My daughter baked them all by herself earlier in the day. We don’t eat a lot of sugar, but for holidays I make an exception. Every holiday I try to teach my daughter to make one desert, or pastry from scratch, by herself. I think those are good skills to have. Yesterday she choose to make cinnamon rolls. She loves those cinnamon rolls, and she have been helping me make them many times, but never made them all by herself before. I’ll share some photo of that later today. Have a wonderful day my friend!

  6. A belated Happy Fourth of July to you two! Just caught up on your posts since just before Memorial Day. Your photos, as always, are colorful fun! Suffice it to say, you two sure get around!

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