Desert Love

The desert is starting to bloom a bit early!

I enjoy hiking the trails of the Desert where scenes can be…

… breathtaking…


…and phenomenal…

It’s called Desert Love…

Until Next Time ~Nancy

38 thoughts on “Desert Love

    1. I am hoping for another Super Bloom! And some cacti and flowers have already started, I guess they can’t wait. We had a hard frost in our back yard. We covered everything but with one windy night some of our bougevvilla got hit pretty hard. It grows back but it our large bush was in full bloom and looking so pretty.

  1. All the rain is bring the bloom on early. Beautiful photos!! We did a big Jeep loop yesterday here in Anza Borrego SP and the ground was covered in Desert Verbena and the smell is heavenly. We drove Blow Sand Canyon and it was covered in big fields of lupine which were just gorgeous. Because of heavy thunderstorms in certain areas of the park in Oct, the Desert Lilies are blooming a few areas. I’ve never seen these before. But…No blooming cactus yet here. Enjoy your early spring!

    1. That all sounds heavenly! And to see the fields of Lupines must be remarkable… I’m sure!

      Thanks for the visit! And yes… I will be enjoying Spring for sure!

    1. LuAnne it really has begun. Poppies have already started on a hillside I walked the other day.
      I am so glad you enjoyed this post and so glad you have experienced the desert!

  2. This brings back so many memories of my New Mexico Nancy….I remember long walks among the blooming cactus and milk weed and goldenrod and Indian paintbrush.
    Until you have actually experienced a cactus blooming in the high mountain desert or watch an arroyo dry as a bone suddenly from nowhere become an overflowing gulley of water…well, you haven’t enjoyed the beauty up close and personal of our southwest, isn’t that right, my friend?

  3. Meanwhile back East…..
    Lovely photo essay Nancy. If someone were to ask”‘Why Arizona?”, your photos would be the most excellent answer. All my best to you.

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