Tuesday Tidbits #16

I have been diligent in posting for Tuesday Tidbits weekly! This is my 16th week!

This week I would love to continue with a few shots of the goats we saw in Texas. Sweet Man’s sister and I went for a walk and we visited neighbors who have goats on their farm. We chatted with the owner of the goats and he told us to go down to the barn as baby goats were just born that morning. They were only 4 hours old!

Momma with her two babies!

Such an adorable little one!

Then another small goat, probably about a month old, came to see me.

If ever I had a chunk of land… I would want two goats and a few chickens. Did you know that when you purchase goats you have to take two. Because they are social animals. If you only have one goat… they will go mad. They need to socialize!

The following video is quite funny. The adult goats heard us and came up out of the pasture to see us! Watch the one on the right. 😃

Thanks so much for enjoying my 16th Tuesday Tidbits! Have a beautiful rest to your week!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

20 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #16

  1. Such cute babies! Horses are social critters too. I’ve not ever heard they’d go mad if left alone,but it’s a real sad thing to see a horse alone. Another other critter will provide company for a horse—-dog, cat, goat, etc. The best though is another horse! Those kids sure are cute! 😊

    1. We were talking about you yesterday! Ingrid and I plus another blogger went hunting for the Wild Horses. We found them and the gorgeous snow covered 4 Peaks!

      We were talking about your gorgeous captures of the horses!

      Thank you for enjoying the Goats! They were adorable!

    1. I could see that happening. Maybe he wasn’t socialized! I have a friend who can’t stand chickens because she was chased by a mean chicken.

      I got a bit nervous when all the other goats were coming up out of the pasture.

      Those babies were cute. Thanks for visiting my friend!

  2. I love the goats, especially the little ones. I have lived on a farm or ranch almost all my life and there are a few critters which can get a little mean. On the ranch in New Mexico, we had almost every kind of fowl from peacocks to guinneas to the cutest little call ducks. AND turkeys….which included a big beautiful Tom Turkey that my twins were afraid of (and they were juniors in high school)…it seems this Tom would chase them all around the chicken yard. LOL and he never bothered me or my husband, but of course I was the hand that fed him. LOL Love your Tuesday Tidbits…keep ’em coming please. Hugs dear friend.

    1. Oh Kari… I’m still gleaming from my feature on your last post! That made my day like you would not believe!

      I really enjoy the Tuesday Tidbits because you never know what I will post about! And today it was all about GOATS!

      Thank you for the love!

    1. They were cute! And taking your grand baby to see some will be fabulous!

      The video makes me smile every time I watch it!

      Thank you for the visit Sweet Sue!

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