Just like that …we are back in the amAZing Arizona!

We were happy to see that our yard survived the hot dry summer.

The Quail welcomed us!

And who says there isn’t any fall color here in Arizona.

Autumn vibes are inside too!

Our Arizona blue skies are still beautiful!

And even though it was a very dry summer… this creek is flowing.

The beauty of Arizona brings us back every year.

It’s good to be back!

Until Next Time~ Nancy

32 thoughts on “A R I Z O N A

  1. And we are just back in Fritztown FROM the amazing Arizona [plus New Mexico and Nevada]! More later, once I’ve sorted out the zillions of pictures.

  2. We visited friends in Arizona last spring, and I so enjoyed having time to take in more than I had seen before. Like every state, it has its own beauty.

    1. I agree! We have driven across the nation several times and this USA is beautiful!

      I try to give people who have never been here before an idea of the Southwest beauty. There is so much to take in. We do have sand, red rocks and cacti but lots of “gorgeousness” is sprinkled throughout. 😊

  3. Arizona is beautiful. It did seem like Tucson up through Phoenix was the only place that got those monsoon rains. Nice to see fall colors and water in the creek. Welcome back home!

  4. Isn’t it fun to be able to savor two different environments! Even though my 2 houses are in the same state they are very different and I so enjoy the contrast! Glad you are back and I LOVE seeing all the cactus!!Beautiful blue skies and you have been busy decorating, looks wonderful!

    1. I have to tell you a funny story…
      When we came back in July for a week… it was tooooo hot outside so I got all my Fall stuff out and decorated! It felt so good to come here in October and it was pretty much all done! 😊😂

      I love seeing your different homes… always a delight!

      1. ha ha, that is funny because that’s exactly what I did in August in Birmingham! It was too hot outside so I did some fall decorating! Then after spending Labor day week at the beach I came back and it was all decorated!! Have a wonderful October Nancy!

    1. Thank you Pam! Happy week to you as well!😊

      I actually put our fall decorations up when we were here in July for a week. It was too hot outside. When we got back it felt so good to walk in and have everything pretty much done! 😊😄

  5. My favorite time when we lived in Arizona (although I do love the monsoon summer thunderstorms) was fall and winter. Temperature perfection and I have a true appreciation of the Arizona desert. Welcome back to the west!

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