Tuesday Tidbits #56 A Christmas Tablescape

Hello and Welcome In! It’s another Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by!

When Sweet Man came home with vintage place settings of Christmas Spode plates… I said to him…

“They will go perfectly with my Christmas Wine Glasses I just painted!”

I decided to go less formal and set the table in the kitchen with the

Vintage Spode Christmas Plates

I used my…

Hand painted Christmas Tree Wine Glasses

I love how they turned out!

The Christmas Tree Spode collection has been around since 1938. Spode was always made in England but newer pieces have been made in China. Now that I have this set… I’ll be adding pieces. Do you hear that Sweet Man? 😉

Thanks for the visit today! Do you have Christmas Spode China? Better yet… have you painted any wine glasses yet?

Merry Christmas!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

35 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #56 A Christmas Tablescape

  1. Nancy, you must explain why sweet man was out shopping for vintage Spode?😃 Your tablesetting is just beautiful and your hand-painted wine glasses are the piece de resistance! I can tell the difference in the English versus the Chinese Spode. Now if only I could sit at your beautiful table for good food and lovely conversation! Merry Tuesday!

    Love the Waterlogue photo!

    1. Oh Pam… he is a shopper! He came across these most likely at an antique store or thrift store while out and about. He knows how much I enjoy setting a table as well. So… there you have it! Lol!

      Thanks for popping over… oh, how I wish we lived next door to each other!

      Merry Tuesday to you as well sweet friend! ❤️🎄

  2. I love both the plates and the glasses! They look great together. Nope, I don’t have the Spode plates and I’ve never painted wine glasses. I’m not very good with paint or crafts!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. And enjoying the tablescape!
      I’m loving the Spode and had to make wine glasses for Christmas.

      Merry Christmas my friend! ❤️💚

  3. This post just makes me sooo happy and really gets me in the Christmas spirit! I adore those wine glasses- how fun and festive!! Thanks for sharing, Nancy 🙂

  4. Too bad sweet man doesn’t train my man! My man just asks what do you want tour Christmas and he knows I wouldn’t have any clue what to tell him so he’s off the hook! It looks lovely.. I have always loved that pattern, your lovely painted wine glasses are a perfect addition. Have a very merry Christmas.

  5. A perfect match, Nancy. Sweet Man’s plates go perfectly with your hand-painted wine glasses and I’m sure your Christmas fare will be every bit as spectacular as your table setting.

  6. Well, look at you Nancy, painting more wine glasses!! It is pretty addictive isn’t it! I have the Christmas Spode, given to me by my mother’s best friend when I got married. I use it as every day china all through December, just love it! Your glasses look great with it! Merry Merry!

  7. What a sweet guy to bring home those lovely plates! My husband would try and sneak dishes out of our house! Your glasses are so cute! I have never painted on glass, maybe I need to try that in 2020! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Thank you so much for the visit, Chloe!

      Painting on glass is so forgiving and actually easy.

      My sweet man is quite good to me and was thrilled to see him bring the Spode plates home.

      Merry Christmas my friend! 🎄

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