Easy Pomegranate Chocolate Treats

You are not going to believe how easy these treats are and how delicious they are! Plus Pomegranates and dark chocolate are good for you! What do you have to lose? And you can add these to your Christmas Baking List for you, your family or for a gift!

I saw many different versions of this delectable treat on Pinterest. Bark Style, large Muffin Style, some were sprinkled with Sea Salt and even a flat medallion style. All are very good! But here is how I ended up making…


To start… pick your pomegranate. Ruby red and firm to the touch is perfect.

Then you need Pomegranate seeds or the correct word is Arils.


I place my pomegranate in a colander which is in a large bowl of water. I then place the large bowl and colander down into my sink.

The pomegranate needs to be submerged under water because the red juice will go EVERYWHERE when you slice it open and when you remove the arils (the yummy juice covered seeds!)

I slice the pomegranate top off, under water, with a serrated knife.

I then slice the pomegranate into sections like so…

and open it all up to access the arils.

Remove all the arils under water. They will sink. Discard all other parts of the pomegranate or white membrane. The white membrane floats so remove it.

Then gather the sweet delicious arils. This pomegranate gave me about one cup of arils.

Now let’s make


Melt the 7 oz. of Dark Chocolate in a double boiler. I used two 3.5 oz. bars of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate.

Place small candy size paper liners in a mini muffin tin. (I did not have mine available so I used a regular size muffin tin. Only God knows where I hid my mini muffin tin!) Add some melted chocolate to each paper liner.

Now add about a teaspoon of pomegranate arils.

Then add more chocolate to cover arils.

Refrigerate for an hour. You can leave the treats in the paper liners for easy storage. I took mine out for photographing them.

When you bite into one … get ready for a delicious surprise!

They are sooooooo delicious!

Pomegranates are reasonable at this time of year so I hope you give this yummy treat a try!

My small kitchen island Gingerbread Man and Cookie Cutter tree has been in the background.

Do you like Pomegranates? Did you know they are rich in antioxidants? Let me know if you make these delicious treats. Thank you for the visit!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

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22 thoughts on “Easy Pomegranate Chocolate Treats

  1. Yum, these treats look amazing and so good to know they are healthy! Yes, I do love pomegranates and thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe. Now if I just had a couple to go with my coffee!

    Have a wonder-filled and merry Sunday my friend 🤶🏻❤️🎅🏻

  2. Nice quick yummy idea! But I do LOVE the gingerbread/cookie cutter tree!!! I may need to do this. I love anything gingerbread man and tin cookie cutters!! Merry Christmas!!

    1. I’m glad you like it.
      It’s small and perfect on the kitchen island. It brings a festive touch to the kitchen! Thanks for stopping by!!
      Merry Christmas!

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