Tuesday Tidbits #115 ~Love and Adventure

A new Tuesday and a new month!

Happy February!

February brings out the Vintage Valentines.
I love my little heart trinket box.

And of course we can’t stop there…

Valentine’s Day has been found in the She Shed as well!

My homemade glassware and felt hearts add a special touch.

You could say Love is in the Air!

Desert Mistletoe brought this on…

Speaking of the desert. We got out for a desert adventure. We left the saguaros and found some Joshua Trees!

I am always amazed by the vast landscapes in Arizona.

One minute we have Saguaros…

Then an hour or so up the road we have Joshua trees and not one single saguaro!

Always fun to see!

Then out of nowhere …a Moonscape!

Here’s a closer look!

Of course we needed to see what was out there. So we moved on!

And look at what was on the other side…

We just love Arizona’s vast variations of Landscapes!

It was an amazing view!

Coming home from our adventure we saw a sky filled with balloons!

I enjoyed my ride in a hot air balloon. Read all about it HERE!

I can’t sign off without showing you…

This Week’s Feature Creature!

It’s funny… the last two posts I shared our visiting backyard creatures. THE OWL and THE ROADRUNNER. So perhaps a “Feature Creature” will be added to Tuesday Tidbits from now on!

Drumroll please! This week’s Feature Creature is a Hawk. I believe a Copper’s Hawk. Please let me know if I am wrong.

What a beauty!

Our backyard seems to attract quite an array of creatures and…

Even beautiful clouds! Alto Cumulus Clouds to be exact!

Our backyard tree loses all its leaves in December. In January buds begin to grow. Then by the end of February all the leaves are back again!

It was another action packed week full of fun and adventure! Just the way we like it! Thank you so much for your visit. We love hearing from you!

48 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #115 ~Love and Adventure

  1. Another fun Tuesday Tidbit, Nancy! I love your photographs! Almost as good as being there! Your Creature Feature is great! Looks like a Coopers Hawk, but man! Birds of prey are hard for me to identify! Happy February! ❤️

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

    1. Hi Mitzy!
      Thank you!
      It was great to have you come along! This was a fun week for us and then the Hawk came in for a visit!
      Always good to hear from you!
      Happy Tuesday!

  2. Nancy, what a lovely post to read with my coffee. Your vignette in front of the fireplace is gorgeous with the vintage Valentines and cute trinket box. I love the cozy nook in the She Shed all dressed up for Valentine’s Day with the darling felt hearts. What a lovely place for tea, breakfast, or dinner! The Joshua Trees are so interesting and quite beautiful! And oh that moonscape, I love following you on your Arizona adventures and to your own backyard with the proud hawk! Enjoy your Tuesday, we have sunshine!

    1. Oh, Sunshine is always good!
      I am always glad to hear that you enjoy my posts about our adventures and fun.
      Thank you my sweet Pam!
      Enjoy that Sunny Tuesday you are having!

  3. So much fun to see your desert adventures! Saguaros and Joshua Trees all in one day – Wow! I’m enjoying your Feature Creatures, too. Great capture of the hawk. Happy Tuesday!

    1. Oh Beth it was so funny. I was in the kitchen and heard all the birds making a racket and I looked out (with my camera in hand) and saw the Hawk. I shouted to sweet man… come look at next weeks Feature Creature! He just laughed and knew what I meant. Lol!
      Happy Tuesday and thanks so much for your kind words!

  4. Love, love, love your red heart teapot, but then again, I’m a fan of all things red. We do love the diverse landscape found around Arizona.

  5. Lovin your beautiful pics and wild-fun adventures YFSIL

    > On Feb 2, 2021, at 5:01 AM, Two Trails One Road wrote > >

  6. Really, Nancy! The “Desert Mistletoe brought this on!” OMG, I laughed so hard 🥰 Hope you and sweet Man have a Happy Valentines Day. And thank you for the photo of the Joshua Tree. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before.

    1. They are quite interesting and only grow in certain areas just like the saguaros!
      And that desert mistletoe is everywhere… lol!
      have a great day my friend and thanks for stopping in for a visit!

  7. I just love your handmade hearts, they are darling, and add such a special touch to your Valentine’s Day table! So fun to get out and explore, Arizona truly has some magnificent scenery and beauty to see! Always so amazing to see the handiwork of the Lord in creation all around us. That hawk is a very handsome fellow, a special visitor indeed! May you continue to have a blessed and wonderful week!

  8. I don’t think I’ve seen a Josuha tree before, how beautiful! And of course I love the giant Saguaro cactus! Sweet table for 2 and love love the hot air balloon photo! Glad you’re having a wonderful time!

    1. Living life to the fullest! That’s our motto!

      Joshua Trees only grow in a certain area… just like saguaros. So they are always fun to see.

      Happy Tuesday my friend! Thanks so much for the visit!

  9. Happy February! I enjoyed both your Valentine decorations and your lovely trip. Thanks for sharing. (Oh, I couldn’t help but chuckle at your very abbreviated fall–so terribly Arizona!)

    1. Can you believe that tree?!? We are always amazed! It’s full of Bud Like things right now!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the Valentine Decor and our trip. Funny thing. We got lost several times. So many in our Jeep Ride kept thinking one way was better then the other. It was something else!
      Have a great weekend my friend.

  10. What beautiful scenery, you are so lucky! I love all of your Valentine decor. I always put a bunch out too but I don’t know why, I just didn’t this year. Now I wish I had after seeing yours!

    1. I did not put out as much this year as well. I grew tired of the Christmas red so perhaps that was why.
      I am glad you enjoyed the scenery etc. Take good care my friend!

  11. What an enchanting visit! Your valentines are so lovely. I’m a big collector of vintage valentines too and love bringing them out each year. Seeing your wood walls makes me smile — it reminds me of my cottage in up-north Michigan. That blue sky makes me smile, too. Right now in Michigan it is snowing — those big, puffy sideways flakes that mean there is a shovel in my future. A post filled with beauty and love. I think I will need to return!

    Thanks so much for stopping to visit me at Marmelade Gypsy, Nancy. So nice to meet you!

    1. So nice to meet you as well!
      Be careful with that shovel!
      And hoping for both of us to see what the other has in store for our little places here in the Blogosphere!
      Happy Sunday!

    1. Hi sweet Sue! Thank you so much!
      As you know… Arizona is gorgeous! And so fun to explore. I do believe it’s because there is so much open public land to get around in!
      Happy Sunday my friend!

    1. Thank you my friend!
      I enjoy ME time in the She Shed. I make phone calls in there quite often. But most of all its a place to play… lol! Like a big Doll House.
      I do address and make cards in the She Shed. I still send snail mail!
      Happy Sunday and thank you so much for the visit!

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