Tuesday Tidbits #157 Christmas Cheer

Christmas Decorating

It’s true… I enjoy everything Christmas and the twinkling lights are an added bonus! They add that festive Christmas Cheer!

Here, There, and Everywhere!

Christmas Cheer is added throughout our home.

And of course Christmas Cheer was added to the She Shed as well!

Come on in for Christmas Tea.

Christmas Lights Around Town

There’s nothing better then seeing Christmas Cheer added throughout our town as well!

Delicious Christmas Cheer

When your day is done… Why not end your evening with Christmas Cheer Eggnog!

Fill your cup with a bit of ice, add some eggnog and a splash of Bourbon! Top it off with some whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon. Then garnish with a cinnamon stick! Delicious Christmas Cheer!

I wish for you to have a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy making memories during this Holiday Time!

36 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #157 Christmas Cheer

  1. As always, you have set the decorating standards high for the rest of us. 🙂 Everything inside and out is truly beautiful and festive. Your holidays dinnerware always makes me smile. I don’t know where you store it all, but each holiday season I look forward to your place settings. Lovely, Miss Nancy.

    1. Did you ever hear of those under the bed storage containers… 🤣 They work well! I have put myself on a freeze on buying plates and tea cups. Let’s hope it doesn’t thaw!
      Thanks for enjoying. I enjoy decorating for the Seasons and the Holidays.
      Merry Tuesday to you!

  2. Your beautiful Christmas decorations have put me in the Christmas spirit this Tuesday morning! I love everything but your poinsettia tea cups are my favorite! The lighted cactus is great! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Those are my only Christmas Tea Cups. I have Christmas mugs… but these are my special tea cups.
      Thank you always for enjoying!
      Merry Tuesday!

  3. Oh Nancy, your home is so cozy and festive (and I’d love tea in that darling shed!). The cocoa bar is perfect — Love your sweet mugs! I love trees and yours are so pretty, and so is that cloth on your coffee table. All lovely and warm and fun. It’s the merriest! Meanwhile, thanks for your visits and happy week to you!

  4. Nancy, your home is dressed in its most beautiful Christmas finery. I would love to sit in front of the fire and enjoy a cup of eggnog. The mantel, the tree, the vignettes are all stunning. I know that chair in the she shed has my name in it. The decorations around your city are so gorgeous. Thank you for inviting me in to enjoy your warm and festive home!

    Merry Tuesday, my friend ♥️🎄♥️

    1. Oh Pam, sitting by the fire with you would be a delight …with eggnog and Christmas Cookies!
      Thank you for your warm and sweet words!
      Merry Tuesday dear friend!

  5. So beautifully decorated. Even the She Shed doesn’t escape a good decorating. I love those owl ornaments.

    1. We are missing our real owls… have not seen them lately. These Christmas owls remind them of their special early morning night sounds.
      Thank you for enjoying!
      Merry Tuesday to you Tim!

      1. We still have our owls hooting in the night. I see them silhouetted in the trees sometimes, but it’s too dark to get good photos of them.

  6. Nancy, Your home looks so festive ! Your pops of red are so pretty. Twinkling lights, a warm fire in the fireplace and lighted candles along with your decorations are so inviting.
    So nice to have a she shed and all decorated for a Christmas tea. I would enjoy sitting with you there.

    1. Bonnie… we would have Eggnog and Christmas Cookies! I am so happy you stopped by for a visit. I hope you were cozy and warm.
      Merry Tuesday to you!

  7. Your house looks wonderful Nancy, so festive everywhere! I smiled all the way through your post and especially enjoyed my Christmas tea with those cute gingerbread people! A Christmas Cheer Eggnog sounds like a wonderful way to end the day!! Merry Merry!

  8. I love all of your decorations spread around your house. So lovely. I am inspired by your tabletop tree. I want to get a small one for my home office. I don’t work any more, but I do enjoy my special space, and a little tree would be the perfect addition.

    1. That’s our kitchen tree and it’s filled with cookie cutters and gingerbread men. Many times it sits on the kitchen island.
      Thank you for the visit. It was so nice of you to stop by.
      Merry Tuesday!

    1. Hi Dorothy… Because of Christmas travels… I started early. So I got a jump on it.
      Enjoy lighting your tree tonight!
      Merry Tuesday!

  9. Nancy, your home and she shed decorated for Christmas is just beautiful! Everything looks so warm and festive. Your she shed is such a sweet little spot to enjoy a cup of tea! Enjoy these days leading to Christmas, sweet friend!

  10. I love seeing your Christmas decorations, Nancy. You do have a flare for brightening up your interior🎄(not that it’s anything but bright normally 😂)

  11. Eggnog is one of my favorite things during the holiday season. As for decorating, several years ago I decided to take the minimalist approach and focus on one thing each year. This time it is my collection of crèches that take center stage. That being said, I so enjoy seeing how others add beauty and frivolity to the season.

    1. I bet your collections each year are lovely to see. I would love to see your crèches that decorate your home for the season.
      Thank you for the visit and enjoy the season my friend.

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